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The Visitors - My Love Is Ready And Waiting - Tangerine

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 24, 2010 18:41:08

The northern soul theme that Soultreats! had last week ended on a high with our season´s finale at Östgöta Nation, with some great great music being played by guest DJs Andreas Dienel and Magnus Rähms, thanks guys! To start this week off I´ve picked this wonderful crossover track from 1969, which in fact has a great northern track on the other side but that´ll have to wait for now...

This group is not the same as the one who recorded out of Chicago and had releases on the Bashie and Dakar labels. I´m not exactly sure where this incarnation of The Visitors came from but the record gives credits to J. Carmichael as arranger and Len Jewell as a writer and producer which suggest somewhere on the West Coast, possibly Los Angeles. The group consisted of Godoy Colbert, James Nelson, Esko Wallace, Robert Taylor and possibly a fifth member called Orlando (last name?). Only two records were released on Tangerine, this one in ´69 and the second, and final, in 1970. Neither did much for the group at the time of release, but has since risen in stature and are now cherished items by soul collectors all over the world. Enjoy!

"My Love Is Ready And Waiting"

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Posted by Jaywalk Sat, May 29, 2010 11:32:09

Hallå! Yes, jag hade faktiskt function i åtanke och undrade om ni hade gjort några gästspel där! Keep up the goodwork!

Posted by Martin Wed, May 26, 2010 18:48:49

Tack Jaywalk för din kommentar!
Vu huserar klubbmässigt bara i Uppsala men har gästat andra klubbar nu och då. Finns bl.a. en mycket bra klubb i Malmö som heter Function som du säkert skulle gilla om diggar Soultreats!


Posted by Jaywalk- Lund Tue, May 25, 2010 22:16:17

Tack för en sjukt bra blogg! Har suttit och letat igenom alla inläggen de senaste veckorna!

Huserar ni bara i Uppsala eller? Hittade er av en slump helt nyligen och blir glad av att det finns lite fler soulbrothers där ute i lilla Sverige!