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Bull & The Matadors - If You Decide - Toddlin Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, April 07, 2010 12:41:48

James "Bull" Parks, Milton Hardy and James Otis Love were a local Chicago act who signed to Ernie & Tony Leaner´s Toddlin Town label in 1968. The Leaner´s had just started this new venture after their previous labels in the One-Derful & Mar-V-Lus stable had gone out of business. The group enjoyed immediate success with their 1968 release "The Funky Judge" which was a top 40 hit nationally. Unfortunately their next couple of 45s did not do as well. Their recipe for success was tried again just five months later on their second release for Toddlin´Town "I Can´t Forget" which sank without a trace and this, their last release, was put out in the summer of ´69. Enjoy!

"If You Decide"

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