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Marva Whitney - Don't Let Our Love Fade Away - Excello

70s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, March 01, 2012 11:31:41

Marva Whitney got her musical training from the tender age of three as a member of her family's gospel group in Kansas City. She later moved on to study music in college and also joined local RnB groups before she joined the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, as one of his background singing divas in the late 1960s. Whitney got a chance to record as a solo artist in 1969 and had a promising start with her Top 20 hit "It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who to Sock It To). Although her subsequent records did not do as well commercially as her debut, her work has been sampled heavily over the years and still command admiration and appreciation from soul and funk aficinados worldwide. Enjoy!

"Don't Let Our Love Fade Away"

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5 Wagers - Come and Ask Me - Tiara

70s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, February 24, 2012 10:28:37

For different reasons it's been a while since these pages were updated. However, things are looking a little brighter for Soultreats! now and hopefully we'll have regular updates at least once or twice a week this coming year.

Today's track is all about Chicago and the 5 Wagers who had a long recording career on various local labels in the Windy City before finally making it big with "Come and Ask Me" in the early 1970s. Sadly though it also proved to be the group's last recording. A shame really since they were a very talented outfit a deserved to enjoy more success. Check out the interview with original member James Westbrook Jnr here.

"Come and Ask Me"

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Ron Kenoly - You're Still Blowing My Mind - Audio Forty

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, November 28, 2011 20:28:24

In the mid 60s ,Ron Kenoly began singing in the military where he joined Top 40 cover group The Mellow Fellows (possibly the same group that recorded "My Baby Needs Me for Dot records). He had a few records out in the late 60s and early 70s which didn't really take off and he instead devoted his life to church and his family, working as a minister and also singing and releasing gospel music. It is touching to find out that he has now been married to the same woman for over 40 years, a fact that brings extra credibilty to an already wonderful track. Enjoy!

"You're Still Blowing My Mind"

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Jackie Lee & Delores Hall - Whether It's Right Or Wrong - Mirwood

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, November 06, 2011 09:00:29

From 1966, this great little gem won't break the bank and isn't particulary hard to track down either. Jacke Lee (or Earl Nelson) was one of Los Angeles Mirwood records biggest artists, and struck it rich with the million seller "The Duck" the same year as this was released. Delores Hall did not record for Mirwood again after this, which is sad as this duo works quite well together. Perhaps it was the success of "The Duck" that prompted Mirwood to push Lee as a solo artist rather than cutting more material with him and Hall together. Whatever the reason, they can be both take pride in their sole recording as a duo. Enjoy!

"Whether It's Right Or Wrong"

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Howard Tate - Half A Man - Verve

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, October 21, 2011 16:49:33

Howard Tate was born in 1939 in Macon Georgia but his family relocated to Philadelphia when he was just a few years old. In his teens he befriended Garnet Mimms and joined him in his gospel group called The Gainors. Mimms also introduced him to songwriter and producer Jerry Ragovoy who recorded Tate and secured a deal at Verve records, where Tate would record nine singles between 1964 - 68. This is Tate's first release on the label, a 1964 record that had previously seen the light on the small Utopia label but was picked up for wider distribution by Verve. Enjoy!

"Half A Man"

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Young Hearts - Get Yourself Together - Pick - A - Hit

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, October 20, 2011 18:51:41

Back in the 1960s & 70s a few incarnations of (The) Young Hearts existed. This is however, to my knowledge, the original line-up which consisted of Charles Ingersol, James Moore, Ronnie Preyer and Earl Carter (who passed in 1970 and was replaced by Bob Solomon). The group was formed by Charles Ingersol and Bobby Sanders in 1961 while they were still in high school. Sanders later managed the group and also wrote and produced material. Their first recording was the now classic, in northern soul circles anyway, "A Little Togetherness" for Canterbury records in 1967. This track was released the year after and was their only recording for the small Pick - A - Hit records. Enjoy!

"Get Yourself Together"

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Major Lance - It Ain't No Use - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, October 19, 2011 17:23:22

Not the most expensive record you'll ever buy and not the hardest one to find either. Still, these pages are all about the quality of the music at as such this little gem can stand tall among its more scare, and sometimes expensive, fellow 45s on this site. Major Lance was no doubt a talented singer, but the real mastermind behind his success in the early 60s was Curtis Mayfield who wrote and produced most af his hits at the time. When Mayfield left so did the hits for the Major as well. But before the went seperate ways they formed a formidable duo who created some great music. Enjoy!

"It Ain't No Use"

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The Cre-Shendos - You're Still On My Mind - Aquarius

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, September 25, 2011 20:27:08

The Cre-Shendos sole release came out in 1968 on the small Aquarius imprint, but some of the members in this outfit may have recorded as The Creshendos on Music City and also as The Casual Creshendos on MRC. Today's addition is the B-side, the other track being a terrific sweet soul type ballad called "This Must Be Love" which have been included on some Bay Area compilations so I'm guessing it must have been recorded/released thereabouts. Enjoy!

"You're Still On My Mind"

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Richard Marks - Love Is Gone - Shout

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, September 13, 2011 17:18:52

To be honest, I know very little about Richard Marks so any information is welcome. He released a few records in the late 60s and early 70s, this particular track being from 1970. He also recorded a version of the classic "Funky Four Corners" which was released around the same time I believe. This is his only release for the Shout label, a great double-sider where this side only just edges it for me, although "Don't Take It Out on Me" on the other side is great as well, enjoy!

"Love is Gone"

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The Wonderettes - I Feel Strange - Ruby

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, September 05, 2011 18:35:51

With only 81 days to go to the Prague Soul Weekender in conjunction with Skaparada! I thought it's time to get Soultreats! back on track for the autumn edition. And what better way to start off with than this fantastic 1965 dancer which will hopefully go down a treat (!) at the event itself. The Wonderettes, or sometimes Rose St. John & The Wonderettes, recorded a couple of tracks between 1965-66 which sadly all sank without trace. "I Feel Strange", "the gem side" as it is aptly called, was re-released on both United Artists and Enterprise records shortly afterwards, later in '65 and '66 respectively but never managed to get much attention from the record buying public. Enjoy!

"I Feel Strange"

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InfoPosted by Martin Fri, July 29, 2011 17:41:45

Soultreats! is back on September 1st!

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The Falcons - Standing On Guard - Big Wheel

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 22, 2011 20:10:30

The Falcons are sometimes credited to have recorded one of the first soul songs with their "You're So Fine" in 1959. A group that went through a number of line-up changes and at one point or another have included soul greats like Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd and Mack Rice. This track is from 1966 when all of aforementioned celebrities had already left the group. Little does that matter as the material that they recorded in the mid 60s to my ears is equally brilliant as their 1962 hit "I Found A Love" or anything else that included the more famous members. Enjoy!

"Standing On Guard"

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Jay Rhythm - Wouldn't IT Be A Pleasure - Leo

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, July 19, 2011 19:51:31

One of of the rare soul scene's heroes, James Jay Barnes, again turns out a wonderful performance on this romantic crossover track from 1970. After Barnes had his few charters in the 60s for indies like Groovesville and Ric Tic he struggled to get a solid contract with a label that had the financial muscle to back him up. As we can hear the material was great and his voice was still in fine form but lack of promotion meant that most of his late 60s and early 70s recordings went to and early grave, at least in the U.S. I'm unsure of how many releases there were on the small Leo label which was owned by James Thorpe, but I'm pretty sure that the catalogue number on this, 884, is somewhat misguiding. Enjoy!

"Wouldn't It Be A Pleasure"

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Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening - Pameline

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 15, 2011 16:03:51

A real classic and with guys like Richard Wylie, Mike Hanks and Tony Hestor behind this track you know it's going to be special. I don't know much about Tommy Neal to be honest, to my knowledge this 1967 scorcher is his only release. Pameline was a local Detroit label which I think Richard "Popcorn" Wylie owned, or possibly Tony Hestor as the backing track is also used on Hestor's popular unreleased track "Spaceland". Enjoy!

"Goin' To A Happening"

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Dee Edwards - He Told Me Lies - D Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, July 14, 2011 18:25:32

Doris Jean Harrell was born in Montgomery Al. in 1945. She began singing in church at the age of five and when the family relocated to Detroit in 1960 she and her brother Albert met brothers Tommy & Freddy Martin who they formed the group The Paragons with. Local music man Mike Hanks discovered the group and signed them to Duke Browner's Exit label where they released their debut 45 "My Time Is Important To Me / Pretty Words (That’s What I Want To Hear)" in 1963. The record didn't do much and the group went separate ways soon after. Harrell however stayed with Mike Hanks and recorded a number of 45s for his D-Town label. This is her first release on the D-Town imprint, an excellent ballad from 1963. Enjoy!

"He Told Me Lies"

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The Intruders - But You Belong To Me - Music Voice

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, July 12, 2011 16:03:36

I've always had a soft spot for these early, innocent sounding tracks and this was in fact one the first soul 45s I ever bought. Strangely enough I don't think I've featured The Intruders before on these pages, which is odd since I love lead singer Sam "Little Sonny" Brown's voice. Time to make that right then.

The Intruders were formed in 1960 as a doo-wop group and consisted of aforementioned Sam Brown together with Eugene Daughtery, Phillip Terry, and Robert Edwards. They cut their first record on Gowen records, local Philadelphia label in 1961, and had a further release on the same label in '62. This 1964 cut is their third release and was, although released on a New York label, written, produced and recorded in Philadelphia by Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett, a production duo that were the king-pins of production in the city of Brotherly Love before Gamble & Huff came along. Not one of their strongest sellers, they had far more success later on with "Cowboys to Girls" and "Love Is Like (A Baseball Game") to name but a few, but still one of my personal favourites by them. Enjoy!

"But You Belong To Me"

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Eddie Holman - Eddie's My Name - Parkway

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 08, 2011 16:27:34
Often remembered for his 1969 smash hit "Hey There Lonely Girl", a cover of Ruby & The Romantics 1963 release "Hey There Lonely Boy", Eddie Homan had in fact by then already been a recording artist for a number of years. Making his debut at just 16 with "What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You) for the Independent Leopard label in 1962, he continued to record for various labels throughout the 60s in search of that elusive breakthrough hit. Sadly Holman could not repeat the commercial success of "Hey There Lonely Girl" but continued to record and release great soul music for another decade, leaving a wealth of great material for us to choose from and a legacy of which he can be proud. Today's addition is from 1965 and just one of many great tracks he recorded that should have been more appriciated at the time of their release. Enjoy!

"Eddie's My Name"

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Masters of Soul - Sad Face - Ovide

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, July 06, 2011 18:42:43

The Masters of Soul consisted of Eddie Webb, Fred Kibble, Harold Hopkins, Clarence Bellard and Tom McPherson. They made their debut for Philadelphia based Guyden records in 1963 as The Royal Masters, but only had one release on the label. Their Guyden release went nowhere and it was to be five years before the group cut another record. By 1968 original member Jerry Porter had been replaced by Tom McPherson and the group changed their name to Masters of Houston. They were also signed to Ovide records, a Houston based record company owned by Skipper Lee. The new name only lasted for one single though, their 1968 Ovided debut "Please Wait For Me (My Darling)". For the remaining five records they cut on Ovide, and also the tracks that they later recorded for Capitol and Duke records, they used Masters Of Soul. This 45 is from 1970 and was pointed out to me by Soul man and all around great guy Magnus Räms. Enjoy!

"Sad Face"

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The Whispers - Remember - Soul Clock

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, July 04, 2011 18:31:36

The Whispers tried long and hard before they eventually had their share of success through some immortal cuts in the 70s and 80s. Before that though, they had been recording for almost a decade, making their debut with "It Only Hurts For a Little While" on the Los Angeles based Dore´ records in 1964. Todays track is from 1970 and Ron Carson's Soul Clock label (Carson was the group's original producer). It came out with two different titles; the more common "Remember" and a scarcer pressing with "Remember Me" as the title of the track. The backing track is the same as the perhaps more famous, to northern soul fans anyway, "Time's A Wasting" by the Fuller Brothers, which was released on the same label the year before. Enjoy!


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Pat Lewis - Let's Go Together - Golden World

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 30, 2011 20:44:23

A native of Johnstown Penn., Patsy "Pat" Lewis moved with her family to Detroit in the early 1950s. In the early 1960s she and her sister Dianne together with Jackie & Betty Winston formed The Adorables who released three singles between 1964-1965 for Ed Wingate and Joanne Bratton's local Golden World label . In 1966 she went solo for the same label with this terrific double-header, "Can't Shake It Loose" being on the flip. Lewis continued to record for local Detroit labels and she also sang back-up with Motown group The Andantes as well as backing famous soul stars like Aretha Franklin and Isaac Hayes. Enjoy!

"Let's Go Together"

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Carl Carlton - Drop By My Place - Back Beat

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, June 28, 2011 16:27:18

Carl Carlton a.k.a. The 12 Year Old Wonder, Little Carl Carlton and 14 Year Old Sensation began singing, you guessed it, at a very early age. He was just eleven when he had his first record released in 1964 on Lando, a local Detroit label . In 1968 he recorded the now classic "Competition Ain't Nothing" and was also signed to Don Robey's Back Beat label. Carlton lived at Robey's ranch for a while whilst recording some great material for the label between 1968-74. He later recorded for a number of labels: ABC, Mercury and 20th Century to name but a few. Today's addition is from 1970 and although he was just 17 at the time of release, Carlton's voice and choice of material had already matured compared to his earliest recordings. Enjoy!

"Drop By My Place"

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Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On Baby - Thelma

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, June 21, 2011 20:25:50
A giant in underground soul music but sadly failed to make any real mark on the commercial side of things, Emanuel Laskey's output has, and still is, been largely underappreciated by the masses. Unfairly so, methinks, as most of his records on small Detroit labels like this in the 60s was quality through and through. Hailed as a hero on the U.K's northern soul scene because of tracks like this one can only hope that recognition for Mr. Laskey will come eventually, and it seems like it has to as the recordings just keep on gaining popularity. This is Laskey's sixth release for the Thelma imprint, released in 1965 it just preceded his anthemic "I'm A Peace Loving Man" for the same label,one which you will find featured elsewhere in these pages. Enjoy!

"Don't Lead Me On Baby"

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Adam Wade - Keeping Up With The Joneses - Kirshner

70s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, June 19, 2011 17:20:32

Adam Wade's career in music goes back all the way to the late 50s when he recorded ballads and standars for labels like Coed and Epic. He has at the same time worked as an actor, with parts in the classic blaxploitation film "Shaft" and a number of other films and tv-shows, he was in fact the first African-American to host a game show! Today's track was released in 1977 and is in a different style than what is usual for Mr. Wade, as it is more in a mellow 70s soul groove than the classic ballads which he forst became famous for. A perfect track for a rainy Sunday (which it has been in Stockholm), enjoy!

"Keeping Up With The Joneses"

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The Girls - The Hurt's Still Here - Memphis

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, June 15, 2011 15:44:31
The Girls were from Ardell Gardens, a housing project in Chicago and to my knowledge only ever had one record released. It does sound very much like a Chicago production, even though the label quite clearly states that it was released in Memphis Tenn. Written and co-produced by Earl Cage who did a fair amount of work with Spencer Wiggins for the XL & Sounds Of Memphis labels. A 1970 release with a great midtempo swaying sound and a wonderful lead, what more could a boy ask for? Enjoy!

"The Hurt's Still Here"

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Bobo Mr. Soul - Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road - Ovide

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, June 13, 2011 17:33:24

What a great record to start of the week with! A 1972 gem from the pen of songwriting genius Phillip Mitchell issued by the small Texas based Ovide label. Beau Williams, a.k.a. Bobo Mr. Soul, released two singles in his early twenties for the Ovide imprint before he teamed up with Capitol records, where he recorded under his real name. The track was originally intended for Curtis Wiggins but Mitchell could not get a deal for that version and re-recorded it with Williams instead. Beau Williams to this day enjoys a successful career in gospel music. Enjoy!

"Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road"

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Leone Thomas - Thank You Baby Pt. 1 - Don

70s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, June 10, 2011 15:23:50

Mainly a jazz singer, East St. Louis native Leon Thomas (Leone from ´74 and onwards) studied music at Tennessee State University. He relocated to New York in 1958 where he joined a show sponsored by the famous Apollo Theatre. He sang and recorded with some of the all time greats in jazz music; Count Basie and Louis Armstrong to name but two. Today's track illustrates Thomas' more soulful side. Released in 1975 on a local New York label, this track was recorded in several versions and also issued by at least two different labels. I have opted for this version, as it is the one which my mate Oskar made into a winner at the Soulville! nights a few years ago. Enjoy!

"Thank You Baby Pt.1 "

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Barbara Mason - On & Off -WMOT

80s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 09, 2011 13:43:48

Barbara Mason is problably known to most people for her excellent 1965 cut for Artic records "Yes I'm Ready", which reached a top ten position on both the RnB & Pop charts. A Philadelphia native, Mason formed her first groups whilst still in her early teens. She played piano and composed the songs as well as sang lead and performed in local talent shows. She was introduced to radio personality and Arctic label owner Jimmy Bishop through Weldon McDougal, a local performer and allround music-man. Mason continued to record throughout the 1960s and 70s and had several records on the charts, albeit none went as high as "Yes I'm Ready". Today's track is from 1981 on on a local Philadelphia label (possibly owned by a radiostation?). A great little two-step number which illustrates, I think, perfectly the shift in Mason's music that occured when she moved from her Motown oriented material from the 60s into more mature recordings in the 70s and 80s. Enjoy!

"On and Off"

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