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The Mask Man & The Agents with Hampton's Band- I Wouldn't Come Back - Loop

60s SoulPosted by admin Tue, June 07, 2011 07:56:07
Harmon Bethea (The Mask Man) and his Agents; Tyrone Gray, Johnny Hood and Paul Williams had previously been known as doo-wop outfit The Cap-Tans or L'Captans. The group recorded for a number of labels throughout the 50s and early 60s without having any real success. Bethea then decided to add to their show a gimmick, a "Lone Ranger" type mask and re-appear as his alter ego: The Mask Man. He also renamed the group to the Agents, and this new outfit (same members) released their first recording in 1964 on Gama records. Including both comedy and social commentary into their act, the group finally had some hits with the 1968 "One Eye Open" and the year after with "My Woman, My Dog, My Cat", both recorded for Dynamo records in N.Y.C. This release is from 1966 and a local New York label, but the track was later released on Musicor as well. Harmon Bethea passed in 2009 but will be fondly remembered not only for his great music, but also for his staying power and commitment: he doubled his day job in the army with a dream for musical success for almost 50 years. Enjoy!

"I Wouldn't Come Back"

Ps For more info on The Mask Man and his Agents:

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