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The Superbs-Go For What You Know / The Wind Is Blowing-Dore

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:25:01

By Martin:

Released on Dore 771 this really is a double sider of the highest calibre, just had to feature both sides as I couldn´t make up my mind about which one I like best. ”The Wind Is Blowing” was previously released on Dore 764 with ”Better Get Your Own One Buddy” as the the A side.

But in my eyes (and ears) this is the one to bag as you´ll get the wonderful dancer ”Go For What You Know” on the other side.

Dore records dabbled with a bit of everything when it came to music. They had releaes with artists like Doctor and Patient Informers (562) & A Guy Named Tony (829)!

Starting out as sort of a R&R label, they changed direction in the mid sixties when the british invasion struck the U.S. and made it increasingly harder to get airplay for that type of releases. So founder (and writer of ”Wind...”) Lew Bedell decided to aim more towards an R&B market as it was somewhat easier to promote product and gain airplay in that area at the time. And Dore managed during just a few years to release severeal records that are now treasured by soul fans all over the world.

The Superbs

Originally consisting of Ronnie Cook, Gordy Harmon, Walter White, Bobby Swain & Eleanor Green the group was problably Dore´s most prominent, with well over twenty releases , and had some hits. But when Green left due to marriage in ´65 so did what little success the group have had. The group went through constant line-up changes throughout the sixties. They tried to replace Green (who made a short but unsuccesful comeback) with Helen La Rue Lowe for a while but on today´s featured releases it is an all male group performing.

Interesting enough, especially to northern soul fans, The Superbs are thought to be the same group as The Swans, also on Dore, who released ”Nitty Gritty City”.

Both the Dore and The Superbs story are ones to dwelve deeper in, a good place to start is a very good double CD compilation relased by Night Owl music in 2004 called ”The Northern Soul Of Dore”.

Listen to "Go For What You Know"

Listen to "The Wind Is Blowing"

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