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The Magictones - Happy Days - Westbound

70s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, June 03, 2011 08:47:17

The Magictones were Virginia McDonald, Paul Willis, Tyrone Douglas, Tyrone Barkley and Calvin Stevens. In the mid 60s to early 70s they released a number of great records for local Detroit labels like Mah's, Wheelsville, Chrysler, Ram-Brock, Shur-Hit and Westbound. The group almost had a breakthrough with their 1968 release "Together We Shall Overcome" on Mike Hank's Mah's label, released shortly after the assassination of Dr. King. Today's addition was first released as the A -side to their 1969 release on Westbound #145, backed with "Trying Real Hard". This release was issued in ´71, and I think it is the same mix as on Westbound #145.
Group memeber Paul Willis had a surgery for a brain tumor in 1972 and passed in 1975, which made the group disband. McDonald, Barkley & Stevens later went on to join The Undisputed Truth. Enjoy!

"Happy Days"

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