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The Relations - Say You Love Me - Zell´s

70s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, April 18, 2010 18:36:42

Jackie Robinson, Robert Burton and James Smalls had all sung together in a Doo-Wop group called The Kac-Ties, in 1964 they added female singer Gloria Harrison and changed their name to Jackie & The Umpires, but only for one release on the Sew City label. They then released the same song, "Three Kinds of Love", on the WOW label but this time under the name of The Relatives. The Relatives became The Realtions for a couple of 45s on the Kape, Davey Jones, Demand & Utopia labels before it was changed to Glora & The Relations (I guess she was the lead singer by then) and a record on the Bonnie label. The group then changed their name, again, back to The Relations for another three releases on as many different labels, one each on the Lebby and community labels, and then (finally) this. What makes the whole thing even more confusing is that this is most likely an early 70s production, but with a strong throwback feel to it. The Zell´s label was founded by Zelma "Zell" Sanders (one of few female record bosses) in New York in the early 1960s and had some success with girl groups during the first part of the decade. My guess is that she and The Realtions tried to cash in on that one more time with this, although some 70s soul features are evident on the 45 as well ,like the prominent bongo drums. Well, as you may have guessed ,it did not happen. Perhaps because someone decided that the other side, the nicely named "Crowd With The Phony Tatoo" should be the official A-Side... All anorak stuff and strange name changes aside, this is a wonderful early soul side (by sound and not by date) which I hope you´ll enjoy as much as I do.

"Say You Love Me"

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