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Soul Treats! - Soul music blog by Soulville UA

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Soultreats is Soulville U-A´s music blog. It´s updated several times a week with a new soulful record. It is our chance to spotlight the artists and record labels that made the music but rarely the charts.
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Major Lance- Dark and Lonely - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, March 02, 2009 08:53:08

Chicago soul hero Major Lance is most known for his hit "The Monkey Time" and to northern soul aficinados for his uptempo outings on the label. However, there is a lot more to him than that. This is problably my favourite slowie by him. Written By Billy Butler and arranged and produced by the legendary team of Gerald Sims and Carl Davies this tale of lost love is just a wonderful piece of music that I know I will cherish forever. Hope you´ll like it.

"Dark And Lonely"

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