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Soul Treats! - Soul music blog by Soulville UA

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Soultreats is Soulville U-A´s music blog. It´s updated several times a week with a new soulful record. It is our chance to spotlight the artists and record labels that made the music but rarely the charts.
It´s a celebration!

The legacy.
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Barbara Mason - On & Off -WMOT

80s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 09, 2011 13:43:48

Barbara Mason is problably known to most people for her excellent 1965 cut for Artic records "Yes I'm Ready", which reached a top ten position on both the RnB & Pop charts. A Philadelphia native, Mason formed her first groups whilst still in her early teens. She played piano and composed the songs as well as sang lead and performed in local talent shows. She was introduced to radio personality and Arctic label owner Jimmy Bishop through Weldon McDougal, a local performer and allround music-man. Mason continued to record throughout the 1960s and 70s and had several records on the charts, albeit none went as high as "Yes I'm Ready". Today's track is from 1981 on on a local Philadelphia label (possibly owned by a radiostation?). A great little two-step number which illustrates, I think, perfectly the shift in Mason's music that occured when she moved from her Motown oriented material from the 60s into more mature recordings in the 70s and 80s. Enjoy!

"On and Off"

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Gwen McCrae - Doin´ It - Atlantic

80s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 27, 2010 19:42:26

The third track by this great female singer to be added to Soultreats!. Previously both her "Lead Me On" and her duet with former husband "Winners Together Losers Apart" have been featured on these pages and I urge you to look them up if you haven´t already done so. McCrae had string of commercially viable singles in the early to mid-seventies (the era which the previous tracks are taken from), this is a slightly later recording, being from 1982 as it is. Only released as a single in the U.K. the track was lifted from her U.S. LP "On My Way", however it remained an album only track in the U.S. whilst it got both a 12" and 7" release in Great Britain. There is another version of this track by Chuck Strong which came out on Invasion records in 1983, again both as a 45 and 12-inch single. Hard to choose which version is actually the best one, Strong´s cover is much harder to track down for sure, and the versions of this Wille Hutch written track are quite different. Strong´s take on it is problably more soulful, whilst McCrae´s owes more to the electronic boogie style. Enjoy!

"Doin´ It"

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Johnny Bristol - Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me - Handshake

80s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, April 26, 2010 22:12:05

John William Bristol was born in 1939 in North Carolina but it was in the booming record industry in Detroit he found himself employment by Motown maestro Berry Gordy, mainly as a writer and producer. During his stay with the company Bristol worked with almost all the labels major stars and was involved with several major hits like "Ain´t No Mountain High Enough", "25 Miles" and "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday". Bristol also had a personal involvement with Motown as he married Berry Gordy´s sister Iris and he stayed with the company throughout its booming success in the 60s, joining in 1961 and eventually leaving for the CBS label in 1973. Bristol had not been as active as an artist at Gordy but rectefied this by signing as an artist to MGM in 1974 where he released his biggest hit "Hang On In There Baby" the same year. It proved to be his biggest hit and even though Bristol would have several singles that charted after that, he seemed unable to produce the same magic for himself as he did for countless others. This track in from 1980 and a personal favourite, enjoy!

"Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me"

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Randy Brown - We Ought To Be Doin´ It - Chocolate City

80s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, April 12, 2010 22:36:34

This is the only 45 that charted for Memphis native Randy Brown, who started singing with local act The Newcomers in the early 70s. The Newcomers recorded for Memphis based Stax records and had some success with their "Pin The Tail On The Donkey". Brown then sat out on a solo career which lasted for almost two decades, recording material for the Truth (a Stax subsidary), Mainstream, Parachute and Chocolate City labels, often working together with Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks to great result. Like on this 1980 single which made it to # 16 on the R & B charts that year and deals with the appropriately named Randy´s favourite theme, carnal desire. Enjoy!

"We Ought To Be Doin´It"

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Bobby Story - Let´s Do Something Different - Proud

80s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, February 14, 2010 18:37:57

Dubbed on this particular release as Bobby Story instead of Patterson, perhaps because of some contractual reasons, Patterson is one of the soul worlds most enduring and versatile figures. Beginning his career as an artist in 1967 on the Jestar label he cut a dozen or so great singles before moving on to Paula records in 1971. Patterson has since recorded for a number of different labels and also found work as a songwriter, producer, arranger and even as a DJ on the radio, which is his current occupation. This track is lifted off his 1982 "Storyteller" album, and was sadly never relased on a 45. Enjoy!

"Let´s Do Something Different"

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Janette Renee - Whats On Your Mind - Sheridan House

80s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, January 07, 2010 16:19:44

I´ll give you two treats today, as I intended to have the first addition up yesterday already. It´s going to be a short blurb anyway because sometimes when you look for info on these artists you draw an absolute blank. Other than what is stated on the label, this is the B-side to "I´m Gonna Be Your Lover" which she co-wrote, and that it was also released as a 12 inch with some other mixes on it (which I haven´t heard) I have found absolutely nowt about Janette Renee or the Sheridan House label. I have a vague recollecion that I have read somewhere that this was released in 1984 , but that might just as well be wrong. So you are more than welcome to add any information.

"What´s On Your Mind"

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Jeff & Aleta - Love Touch - SRI

80s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, November 20, 2009 16:41:13

Similar in style to yesterday´s addition, this 1980 duet grooves along nicely at 112 BPM (according to the info provided on the lable). Another small time Florida label, SRI had som great releases out in the 70s and early 80s which are now picking up the interest from collectors and DJs alike. A firm favourite at the Soulville! nights, what better way to start of your evening?
I´ll see you on the dancefloor tonight... Enjoy!

"Love Touch"

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Wreckin Crew - You Don´t Care - Newman

80s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, November 12, 2009 23:26:39

Known at the time as one of the hottest funk acts in Chicago, this west-side band cut two singles in the early 80s. Although the singles showed promise they were poorly promoted and never reached their full potential. As a house band at a local west-side resturant and live-show place, JoJo´s, the Wreckin Crew played behind most of the artists performing there as well as headlining shows themselves. Their energetic stage show gave them the opportunity to record for Tom Lewis´local Starville records. The official A-side of todays addition is called "I Found A Groove" and was somewhat of a local hit. With lines like "We get down at the Tubelo disco" the group did not only ensure the liking of its owner (coincendentally the same Tom Lewis who released their record) but also to the movers and shakers of west-side Chicago. The group had another single released on the Sounds Of Florida label, and even a full album put out, but again the lack of promotion and proper managment dogged them and they broke up only a year or so after its release. How the record ended up being released on the Newman label as well, which was based in NYC, is anybody´s guess, but it did not increase the groups chances of breaking out. However, as soon as enterprising DJ´s (such as Soulville!´s Oskar) flipped the record over and found "You Don´t Care" the single had a new lease on life in clubs all over europe. Enjoy!

"You Don´t Care"

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Larry Dixon - Don´t It Make You Dance - LAD

80s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, October 02, 2009 17:52:56

What a perfect record to start the weekend off with! Larry Dixon recorded some soul and boogie material in the early eighties that are very indemand with collectors and DJ´s worldwide today and are fetching high prices on sites like Ebay. And no wonder, with dynamite stuff like this for example coupled with problably only a coulpe of thousand copies (or less) to go around, prices are bound to rocket.

Larry Dixon started his singing career at the age of 15 when he won a radio competion, receiving an audition with the mighty men of Chicago soul, Phil and Leonard Chess. Although he never released anything on the label he established himself as an artist within the music community. He then joined the army, and when he was out again by the late seventies he decided to have another go at the music industry. He formed his own company, LAD records and released material which was often written by himself and/or good friend Charlie Hosch Jr., nicknamed Chuck-A-Luck.
This selfpenned gem from Dixon was released in 1982, and is not to my knowledge on any of his two albums. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

"Don´t It Make You Dance"

Ps If you happen to be in Uppsala or nearby tonight, drop by Hotel Gillet where Soulville will be playing 22-02 roughly. Great food, great drinks and music like this makes for a perfect start to your weekend. See you there! Ds

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Gene Chandler - I´ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile - Chi-Sound

80s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, September 23, 2009 20:38:57

Chandler´s last effort on the Chi-Sound label, released in 1982. Gene Chandler was made famous with "Duke of Earl" as mentioned earlier on these pages. He had some hits throughout the sixties and the seventies as well, but by the time todays addition was released he had been without a hit for a long time. This record did in no way turn his fortune around but it is a testament to his consistency as an artist that we today, a quarter of a decade later, still seek out, play and cherish his records. Chandler is still active as a performer and is reportedly in good form whenever he appears.

"I´ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile"

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Frankie Saunders - Take Another Look- Juana

80s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, September 16, 2009 11:43:56

Staying with the eighties product for one more, just to drive home the point made yesterday...
Released in 1981 and credited to Frankie Saunders, this is really Larry Saunders singing. Named "The Prophet" or "The Prophet Of Soul" in the early 70s, Saunders struggled commercailly but released some wonderful product throughout his career. His one claim to fame was the "Free Angela" album that came out to support imprisoned Black Panther activist Angela Davis. As Larry Saunders he also released the modern soul classic "On The Real Side" on Turbo rercords, which is now considered a classic on the U.K.´s rare soul scene.
This however, is just as good and a perfect exeample of Saunders vocal ability and his wonderful talent interpretating a song.

"Take Another Look"

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Ron Henderson & The Choice Of Colour - Gemini Lady - Chocie Cut

80s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, September 15, 2009 16:19:26

Recorded twenty years after yesterdays feature, now one can blame Soultreats! for not being open minded... This 1983 soul record, and that´s what it is a SOUL record, must have been struggling from the very beginning to get any airplay at all. A quick search reveals that top hits of ´83 included evergreens like The Culture Club, Bonnie Tyler and Men At Work. So we´re stuck with the usual story, a terrific record that bombed and sank without a trace. But eventually quality prevails and this is now a coveted item by soul collectors all over the world. So the next time your local disco has a 80s theme evening, ask for Ron Henderson instead of Darryl Oates would you? Just listen and find out why...

"Gemini Lady"

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Caviar - Never Stop Loving You - Survivor

80s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, May 14, 2009 08:53:15

Well, I´ve always been sort of sceptical to 80s soul. Programmed drums, synthesizers and the rest. But I must admit that whilst playing at our Soulville! nights, when Oskar drops records like this one, I have to surrender. This is just brilliant! And he even gave me a spare copy of it, I owe you big time mate. From Miami, Florida this was released in 1982 and the label says that it´s lifted of their album but I´ve never seen a copy of an Caviar LP, anyone out there got one? The group had another single on Survivor records called " Jeanie" according to the discography I have, but it can´t possibly be as good as this, can it?

"Never Stop Loving You"

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Charles Beverly - Don´t You Want A Man Like Me - Vanessa

80s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, April 17, 2009 05:44:30

This weeks last treat is a record that has been in and out of playlists at our montly Soulville! do for the last couple of years now. Seems fitting to feature it today as we once again hit the basement at Östgöta Nation tonight with some soulful and funky sounds. About Charles Beverly I know precious little, he had this released twice on the small Vanessa label from St. Louis and also ha releases on the IX Chains and Ginos lables. He cut a full length LP called "In The Mood" on the Torrid label but now seems to have moved more towards gospel releases than secular music.

"Don´t You Want A Man Like Me"

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Jan Jones-Independent Woman-Day-Wood

80s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, February 06, 2009 17:02:03
Ok, last track before the weekend. Soultreats! is back on monday again.

Long before Beyonce and Destinys Child, Jan Jones were singing and celebrating independent women. Released on the Small Day-Wood label, which I think was out of Detroit, she wrote the track herself and also the B-side to the release which is a part 2. I haven´t found any other releases by her which is really a shame since this record is a wonderful cut of modern soul.

"Independent Woman"

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