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Soultreats is Soulville U-A´s music blog. It´s updated several times a week with a new soulful record. It is our chance to spotlight the artists and record labels that made the music but rarely the charts.
It´s a celebration!

The legacy.
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The Independents - I Love You Yes I Do - Wand

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, March 31, 2009 07:51:39

The Independents didn´t last as a group for more than three years but managed to release several singles that made it high on the R&B charts during 1972-74. The group consisted of Chuck Jackson, who had returned to New York from Detroit and the Motown label, Helen Curry, Maurice Jackson and Eric Thomas. This record went all the way to the top of the R&B chart when it was released in 1973, or actually not this particular track as I´ve chosen to feature the records B-side today. The A-side is called "Leaving Me" and is a fine song too but I´ve opted for the more uptempo "I Love You...". Chuck Jackson later had some success with writing and producing for other artists like Ronnie Dyson and Natalie Cole.

"I Love You Yes I Do"

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100% Pure Poison - You Keep Coming Back - EMI

70s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, March 27, 2009 09:17:14

Nine american servicemen stationed in Germany and who used forged passes to duck out of their armybase to secure a record deal. It is as good a story as you are likely to find. The members of 100% Pure Poison managed to get signed to the major label EMI and had their only album "Coming Right At You" released in 1974. They even had this single made to promote the album. To the best of my knowledge both the album and the single were only released in Europe, and both sadly sunk without a trace. They got their recognition later though when the rare soul scene in the U.K. picked up on the track and made it a modern soul classic within their community.

"You Keep Coming Back"

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The Impressions - Sooner Or Later - Curtom

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, March 24, 2009 13:03:54

I´ll extend this weeks smooth start with this wonderful record by the legendary Impressions. Their story has been told several times elsewhere, for example there is a very interesting interview with member (who sings on this record) Reginald Torian at Bob Abrahamians great site, I urge you to check it out.
By the time was released in 1975, both the main figures that were to launch solo careers with the Impressions as a platform, Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson had long gone. Fred Cash and Sam Gooden, both original members, were still there together with aforementioned Torian and Ralph Johnson and for a while the usual three piece harmony that were the groups trademark was extended to four, sounds just fine to me.

"Sooner Or Later"

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Leon Haywood - Consider The Source - 20th Century

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, March 23, 2009 08:31:32

Start of this weeks Soultreats! with this nice little swayer, just about the right pace for a monday morning.

Leon Haywood, although having some records that reached both the R&B and even the Pop charts, never really made it in a big way. But like many others in the soul fraternity it was hardly because of the quality of the music. His perhaps biggest hit, "Its Got To be Mellow" from 1967 shows off his smooth style in both producing and singing. As does our featured track today.
This song was released twice, slightly different versions they are to. First released on Capitol records in 1969 with a slightly higher tempo, and then on 20th Century in 1975. Written and produced by Haywood himself this is a very pleasent way to enjoy this weeks first cup of coffee.

"Consider The Source"

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Na Allen - Thanks For Nothing - Atco

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, March 18, 2009 14:11:10

Brother of Denise LaSalle, Na Allen sadly did not have the same success as his sister in the music business. Although releasing quite as few singles which were all good on a number of different labels like Atco, Janus and Ronn none of the efforts really connected with the general public enough to hit the charts. "Thanks For Nothing" is problably the one that is most in demand with collectors today. Set at a nice midtempo pace it fits nicely into that strange genre called "Crossover" which is used for soul music recorded in the late 1960s and early 70s where production and recording techniques were changing rapidly and thus also the sound and general feeling of the music. See what you think of it.

"Thanks For Nothing"

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The Finishing Touch - Second Best (Is Never Enough) - Philly Groove

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, March 16, 2009 12:50:16

OK, we return to Philly Groove records for this weeks first treat.
Not to be confused with the Motown recording grup Finished Touch, The Finishing Touch had two releases on Philly Groove records before disappearing into obscurity. Both relases has this wonderful track on it but with alternative flips. The group consisted of Charles Mack, who does a splendid job singing lead on this track, Paul Hunter and Matthew Ledbitter. Released in 1974 the first time and then re-released in ´75 this nice little dancer is sure to played at a Soulville! gig in the near future (read this friday)!

"Second Best (Is Never Enough)"

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Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, March 11, 2009 08:31:20

Don´t know much about the artist or the label and there was very little information on the net about this one. It seems that Ivy had at least one other release on the Brian Manor label which is more of a blues effort. This though is far from blues.
I first heard this track about two years ago on a radio show and have been looking since for a copy. Finally got one a couple of months ago and I must say, it was worth the wait. A record that, to me, seems to have been made with a busy dancefloor in mind. Ivy´s voice and the punchy horns in the production switches off each other perfectly and just sucks you into the groove.
A very popular spin at the moment at the moment and rightly so.

"He Left You Standing There"

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The Delfonics - I Told You So -Philly Groove

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, March 09, 2009 07:27:24

Thought we kick of this weeks Soultreats! with this slick dancer from 1973.
The Delfonics were one of the major groups that embraced what is known as Philly soul, a smooth type of soul usually with lush orchestration that became popular in the late 1960s and early 70s. The group consisted of the two brothers William and Wilbert Hart and Randy Cain (later replaced by Major Harris in 1971).
With songs like "Didn´t I (Blow your Mind This Time"), "La La Means I Love You" and "Ready Or Not Here I Come" The Delfonics made their mark on the charts with their quiet storm type ballads.
"Didn´t I ..." and "La La..." were also used in Quentin Tarantino´s 1997 hit movie "Jackie Brown". The group disbanded in 1974 when Major Harris left to pursue a solo career. The track featured today is somewhat different to their hits as it is more of a dnecer with a faster beat. However the groups trademark falesetto singing is still there.

""I Told You So"

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Rosey Grier - Oh How I Miss You Baby - United Artists

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, March 03, 2009 06:12:44

Staying with the midtempo records, here is a nice little track by Rosey Grier. I first heard it on a compilation tape which I had lost the tracklisting to. It took me quite a while to actually find out who the singer was and secure me a copy of the record, even though it is not a particulary rare one. But good things come to those who wait and here it finally is for you to enjoy, complete with name and picture. What luxury.

"Oh How I Miss You Baby"

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Maryann Farra & Satin Soul - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Woman - Brunwick

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 23, 2009 06:16:47

Welcome to a new week of Soultreats!

As per usual I thought we´d start the week with something not to frantic.
Here is a wonderful track that I think has got smooth written all over it. Taken from the album "Never Gonna Leave You", this came out in 1976 and is a cover of The Chi-Lites song, but with "Woman" instead of "Man" at the end.
It´s the B-side of the single the official A-side is also a cover of The Chi-Lites "Stoned Out Of My Mind". Quite a few of the tracks on Maryann Farra´s album were covers of Chi-lites material and lead singer of The Chi-Lites Eugene Record also had a hand in most of the arranging, this track included. Maryann Farra released another single on Brunswick, the title track of her album "Never Gonna Leave You" but other than that this is the only release by her I know of.

"Livivng In The Footsteps Of Another Woman"

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Eddie Kendricks-Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need-Tamla

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 18, 2009 09:44:02
Born in Birmingham, Alabama and a original member of The Primes who later merged with The Distants and became The Elgins. And The Elgins turned into one of the most popular groups of all time, The Temptations.
Kendricks did the same journey as many african-americans in the late 1950s and moved from his rural southern home up north to find a better future. He was one of the defining voices at Motown with his sweet falsetto, lead singer on tracks like "Get Ready" and "Just My Imagination" to name but a few.
The Temptations with Kendricks became an institution in soul music and therefore many people questioned his decision to leave the group to go solo in 1971. But he had some massive hits as a solo artist as well, "Keep On Truckin´", "Boogie Down" and "Shoeshine Boy" amongst others.
In the late seventies Kendricks career started to go downhill, and although he was still active as an artist throughout the eighties he never had the same success again as he had in the sixties and early seventies. Sadly he died at a mere 52 years, after fighting lungcancer for some time.

"Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need"

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Willie Hatcher-Head Over Heels-King

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, February 17, 2009 06:01:53
OK, taking the tempo up a notch with this track which Oskar reminded me of how good it actually sounds when he played it at the last Soulvillle! night.

Sounding very much like a 1960s recording to my ears this was actually released in 1971 on the Cincinatti based King label. Both Willie and his brother Roger Hatcher released records on Excello records, Rogers being an especially fine record called "Sweetest Girl In The World" which is now very collectable.
Willie on his hand had his singles released on Cotillion, Wheelsville and Columbia records as well, all records being very worthwhile.
"Head Over Heels"

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Leroy Hutson-I´m So In Love With You-Curtom

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 16, 2009 05:47:34

Monday morning and a new week with soultreats! Let´s begin with some smooth stuff shall we?
Leroy Hutson was born in Newark, NJ and was a member of several local groups before he moved to Chicago and Howard university where he was roomate with none other than Donny Hathaway (nice room to hang out in) who´s lovely ”Love Love Love” we featured earlier. Hutson actually co-wrote the song with Hathaway. He also soon got in contact with Curtis Mayfield´s label, Curtom records where he in 1971 replaced Mayfield as the groups lead singer.

Hutson with the group until 1973, when he was set to launch his own solo career. Some say that The Impressions was only used during this time to actually propel Hutson into superstardom and was then to be dissolved. By now we know that it didn´t, thankfully. Hutson recorded a string of wonderful albums during 1973-1980 for the Curtom label. When it finally closed in 1980 he found himslef struggling to reach same hights again.

Cherished by soulfans all over the world if you haven´t heard Hutson´s records yet I urge you to do so a.s.a.p. Here´s a perfect start taken from his first album ”Love Oh Love”.

"I´m So In Love With You"

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The Jackson Sisters-I Believe In Miracles-Prophecy

70s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, February 12, 2009 09:19:17
The weekend is fast approaching, and with it a Soulville! club night so I thought I´d feature something we usually drop when we are playing.

The Jackson Sisters was made up by Lyn, Pat, Rae, Gennie and Jaqueline Jackson. Originally from Compton in California they later moved and worked out of Detroit, MI.
They recorded some great records for a host of different labels, most of them that had little impact on the charts. Problably most known today is this club classic from 1973. Written and produced by Motowns Bobby Taylor and arranged by Gene Page this has been a popular spin at soulclubs since the early eighties and continues to fill the dancefloors today.

"I Believe in Miracles"

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Jay-Dee-I Can´t Let You Go- LP Come On In Love-Warner Brothers

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 11, 2009 07:33:25
Thanks to Mark and Gareth for putting me on to this!

This is actually Earl Nelson aka Jackie Lee under yet another pseudonym.Massive thanks to Alan for letting know this! Jackie Lee most famously recorded "The Duck" for Mirwood records and also "Harlem Shuffle" as a part of thye duo Bob & Earl. This whole album was produced by the great Barry White and one of the songs on it "Strange Funky Games And Things" is remake of the Love Unlimited track with some added lyrics. Jay-Dee certainly wasn´t fashionable and the cover would not attract attention, which is sad since the music on it is on par with anything else released at the time. A comforting thing in a day when the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Hives, who seems more focused on their appearance than what little talent they have. Nice to go back to when music had a meaning and a feeling, right?

"I Can´t Let You Go"

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The Futures-Stay With Me-Gamble

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, February 10, 2009 09:27:23

Philly-soul at its finest. The Futures is one of those almost groups that never seemed to get the break they deserved. Frank Washington, Kenny Crew, John King, James King and Henry McGilberry made up the group that recorded this wonderful track for Kenny Gamble´s label in 1972.
Written and produced by Gamble and Leon Huff it was a sign of the magic to come from those two men a little bit later on with their work with Philadelphia Int. Records. Sadly though the future for The Futures (oh!) wasn´t with Gamble and Huff as they had decided to move on to Buddah records, not a good career move. For a couple of years they had to see groups like The O´jays and Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes have great success with Gamble & Huff at the P.I.R. label while they couldn´t get near the charts.
By the time they got back with Gamble & Huff and recorded "Part Time Party Time Man" for the P.I.R. label in 1978 it was too late. The magic had gone and disco was in full effect.
This is perhaps the groups finest moment and was made when their future still seemed very promising.

"Stay With Me"

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Donny Hathaway-Love Love Love-Atco

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 09, 2009 08:18:58

New week, new Soultreats!

Let´s start of the week with this smooth little gem and pick up the pace as the weekend approaches.

Donny Hathaway was born 1945 in Chicago, Ill. Involved in music from a very young age his takent won him a scholarship to the Howard university in 1964. He stayed for three years but then the calling of the music industry were to hard to refuse and he left to work for Curtis Mayfields Curtom label in Chicago without a degree.
Talented as both a producer/songwriter as well as an artist in his own right Hathway had his main commercial success with a string of duets with Roberta Flack, like "You´ve Got A Friend" and "Where Is The Love". Sadly he battled with himself and was frequently in and out of depression, which in the end got the better of him. Donny Hathaway comitted suicide in 1979. The track I have chosen was not his most succesful one (44 pop, 16 RnB) but perfecly shows of Hathaways smooth voice at a nice monday morning kind of pace. It was released in 1973.

"Love Love Love"

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The Manhattans-I Can´t Stand For You To Leave Me-Deluxe

70s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, February 05, 2009 09:56:00

The group formed in 1962 in New Jersey and not in Manhattan as one may think. Its original members were George Smith, Winfred Lovett, Kenny Kelley, Richard Taylor and Edward Bivins. Their first recordings came out on the New Jersey based Carnival label which they signed to in 1964, and though none of them were big hits they still sold reasonably well locally. The group moved on to Deluxe records, a subsidary of Cincinatti based King records in 1969.

A year later they suffered a hard blow when lead singer George Smith got very ill. Smith passed away in 1971 and was replaced by Gerald Alston. That same year is when they released this record. A clear change from their earlier soulful ballads this a more pop orientated song, but it nevefr went high on any of the charts.
The Manhattans did have their success however a bit later on in the seventies with a couple of nice ballads, like "Kiss and Say Goodbye" and "I Kinda Miss You" for example.

"I Can´t Stand For You To Leave Me"

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The Esquires - Dancin' a hole in the world - Rocky Ridge

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:32:36

By Martin:

Written by Tony Hestor, arranged by Mike Terry, and produced by Bill ”Bunky” Sheppard.

Taking into account those credits, thisa is one you can buy witout hearing it first... Same song as the very rare Jimmy Delphs on Carla records, it´s a killer sixties dancer, released in 71! Written and arranged by Detroit legends, produced by Chicago main-man Sheppard and finally released on Rocky Ridge from L.A.!
This soup wasn´t spoiled by too many cooks...


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Antwans - Ain't no love - Snawtna

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:30:30

By Martin:

The info on the label is sparse to say the least. But, thanks to the digital revolution we can still get some info on this obscure disc. First & foremost, this is the same song as "I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) by Eddie Floyd, But with another name. That and the fact that no writers are credited on the label suggests that no royalties were ever paid to Eddie or his co-writers., ”I Never...” was also recorded by Sammy Acuna and Kenny Gamber.

The Antwans.

Some of you has problably noted that the label name is the group name spelled backwards. The Antwans originated from Baltimore, Marlyand and consisted of James Bryant (leads on this track), Ted Queen, Charles Sterling and Leroy Tyler. Ain´t No Love is the B side, the A side which gained a little local play when released 1971 is called You Got That Right and was made in about 2000 copies. This is the Antwans sole effort and also the only record released on the label

So, from Maryland 36 years ago to your ears today, enjoy!


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Leon Thomas - Love Each Other - Flying Dutchman

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:28:57

This is a charming funky crossover pearl with an obvious dancefloor appeal from jazz singer Leon Thomas. It's available in two different label designs. One is pictured here, the other one has a picture of a funky old school pilot next to the label name. The song is also available on the LP Blues and the soulful truth. This used to be quite an hard record to get hold of, but it turned up in quantity on e-bay about a year ago. Those copies now seem to have dried up, and price is slowly coming up again.

In the 70's, Leon changed his name to Leone and relesed the wonderful charming Soulville favourite Thank you baby on the controversial boxing promotor Don King's (sued by Muhammed Ali aswell as Mike Tyson) Don label. We'll have to feature that record later.

"Love Each Other"

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The Creations-A Dream-Zodiac

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:23:00

By Martin:

This record has a strange story.

Credited to the Chicago group The Creations which consisted of Gerald Dickerson, Charles Boyd, Eugene Amos and Michael Wiggins it is actually the Detroit based group Brothers of Soul singing! It is written by The Brothers Of Soul (Fred Bridges, Richard Knigh &Robert Eaton) and produced by them to. The story is that The Creations went to Detroit to record ”A Dream” with the Brothers Of Soul as producers but the group had the A.C. turned on in the hotel room overnight and woke up with a cold, so the only person from the group actually on the record is Gerald Dickerson.

To add more confusion to the story, Soul Harmony Singles has this (there were several groups with the same name) Creations line up containing a certain Al Green among others. That line up is wrong.

Released on Rick Williams and The Brothers Of Soul´s Zodiac label in ´67, which was most known for its releases by Ruby Andrews as well as on Boo records #1002 but then credited to The Brothers Of Soul ,there is a Detroit and Chicago connection on this one bringing it all together nicely enough and sounding like a dream...

Be sure to listen to the wonderful radioshow called Sitting In The Park, check out the interviews page to get the full story of The Creations.

A Dream

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The Fantastic Epics-Let´s Get Together-Kelton

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:20:46

By Martin:
An early seventies release that sounds very much like a sixties recording to my ears. The Fantastic Epics had a few releases and on the other side of this record is a decent funk track which thoses guys seem to be after. Haven´t got all my info with me at the moment but if my memory serves me right "Let´s Get Together" was written by the Triplett Twins out of Chicago and I would guess that the Kelton label was based in the Windy City as well. A very nice dancer that really hasn´t taken of yet, hope this changes in 2008.

"Let´s Get Together"

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Little Milton-Please Let Me Back In-Stax

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:18:24

By Martin:

Starting out as a bluesman, James Milton Campbell was discovered by none other than Ike Turner who took him to the Memphis based Sun label which released his first few records. He then moved on and found him self with a string of hits in the mid sixties on Checker records out of Chicago. Always being on the more soulful side of the blues when Milton again was contracted to a Memphis label his releases were lusher and more orchestrated than before. This wonderful single is a prime example of that. Released in ´74 at the very end of the Stax saga, it is an aking and pleading Milton begging his woman to give him another chance.

Little Milton passed in 2005 but left a musical legacy that is somthing for every soul and blues fan to cherish.

"Let Me Back In"

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Brenton Wood-Better Believe it-Warner Brothers

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 11:17:17

By Martin:

Born Alfred Jesse Smith, Brenton Wood really only had two big hits, ”The Oogum Boogum Song” & ”Gimme Little Sign”, both which where released in ´67 on the Double Shot label. However he did have a number of other worthwhile releases during both the sixties and the seventies and on several different labels as well. I´ve picked this nice little modern soul gem from the California based Warner Brother´s stable. Released in ´75 this is a song about the sweetness of his girl which suits Brenton Wood´s voice perfectly. One to play in the springtime for sure.

"Better Believe it"

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Rick James-Fool On The Street-Gordy

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:40:35

By Martin:

Sadly, if you would ask most people today Rick James would be remembered more for his extravagant style and the phrase "I´m Rick james, bitch!" than his music. But, let´s not forget just how talented he was and that he almost on his own carried the mighty Motown corporation through some wild years at the end of the seventies. Although most of his material is more than worthwhile, this is a personal favorite. Written and produced by the man himself this will have any dancefloor going right from the intro.

"Fool On The Street"

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George & Gwen McCrae - Winners Together Or Losers Apart - Cat

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:38:21

By Martin:

Both Gwen and George and George McCrae had successful careers as individuals as well as a couple. This record was released ´76 as has that wonderful mid seventies Florida sound to it that so many records on Cat had at the time. The regional differences were still there during the sixties in the way that they would record in different states, but maybe not as evident as in the sixties. With Clarence Reed having a hand both in the writing and producing process he makes sure this record is a winner.

"Winners Together Or Losers Apart"

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The Vibrating Vibrations-Surprise Party For Baby-Neptune

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:37:08

By Martin:

Ok, gettin´ ready for the weekend with this wonderful feel good dancer out of Philadelphia. Released in May 1970 on Gamble & Huff´s own short lived Neptune label. The group (also known as just The Vibrations) had recorded as early as ´63 on Atlantic.
After a move to Okeh records with a dozen or so of releases between ´64-68 they briefly appeared on the Epic imprint as well with their single cut there, "Cause You´re Mine". The Okeh sessions also generated some wonderful music, my personal favourites being maybe "End Up Crying" (Okeh 7220) and "Gonna Get Along Without You Know" (Okeh 7249).
The group consisted of Ricky Owens, Carl Fischer, James Johnson, David Govan and Donald Bradley. After a run a three singles on Neptune (Which I believe folded in ´70?) the group had further singles on Mandala and North Bay before finishing their recording career with the modern soul classis on Chess records titled "Shake It up" in ´74.

"Surprise Party For Baby"

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Bobby Reed-The Time Is Right For Love-Bell

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:34:37

By Martin:
A big thank you to Samuel H who took care of the blog yesterday and also played an amazing set of records later that night at the Soulville do.
From that skippy Philly beat to a somewhat slower recording that is just perfect for a sunday. Bobby Reed had releases on both Loma and Brunswick prior to this record, both which are more than worthwhile.
I do believe that this is also the same Bobby Reed that recorded for Shrine records although that material was never released at the time. Written and produced by Van McCoy this is as good as it gets!

"The Time Is Right For Love"

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Jackey Beavers-Lover Come Back-Sound Stage Seven

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:33:19

By Martin:

Born in Georgia as Robert L. Beavers Jackey (Sometimes spelt Jackie) Beavers teamed up with Johnny Bristol in the late fifties to form the somewhat succuessful duo Johhny & Jackie.
They established themselves in Detroit via the sister to Motown mogul Berry Gordy, Anna Gordy´s label "Anna", where they cut some singles without making to much noise outside the local area.
They did however form a great writing duo, problably most known for penning "Someday We´ll Be Together Again", the last record that Diana Ross & The Supremes recorded together and which was a no. 1 hit in ´69.
That same song is on the B-side of this 1971 solo effort by Jackey who spent most of the late sixties and early seventies recording on different smalller label and without much success.
This Detroit based male singer is not to be confused with his namesake on Nation records out of Chicago who recorded "Come Back My Love", that is a female singer even though it is kinda strange with the same name and similar songtitles.

"Lover Come Back"

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Bobby Lacour - I Found What I Wanted - Hep Me´

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:29:54

By Martin:

From the southern part of the U.S. and Hep Me´records comes this wonderful romantic song. Written by the great George Jackson (who also recorded a version of it) and produced by Senator Jones, who now owns a label called Hep Me´ although I´m not sure if it is the same one, but it does deal with southern soul music as well.
Also released by Mary Wells on Reprise records this is a fingersnappin´feel good tale about a guy who is about to leave his old ways behind as he has found a true love. Haven´t been able to find any info on either this release or the arist but it sounds like an early seventies production.

"I Found What I Wanted"

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Four Flights - All I Want Is You - Almeria

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:19:34

By Martin:

Again from New York city but a much later recording than the Lou Johnson one, this was released in the summer of ´78 on the miniature Almeria records. Not much info on this one I´m afraid, it was written and produced by a D. Pearson Jn, and also published on his company. I´m gonna go ahead and guess and that very same person made up one of the members in this quartet (it has to be with a name like that...).
This appears to be the second release on the label, the other one being a decent modern soul dancer by Ronnie Love "Let´s Make Love", but that one is owing more to the disco influences of the time, thus making me prompting for this one, pure soulful heaven. BTW, I´m sure I´ve seen this listed as a 12inch as well, any info on that?

"All I Want Is You"

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Bobby Womack - How Could You Break My Heart - Arista

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:18:30

By Martin:

Soulman and survivor extraordinaire, Bobby Womack released this wonderful seven in the midst of personal tragedy. Losing his infant son 1979, same year as this was released and only five years after his brother was murdered he still managed to write and record some wonderful music, albeit somewhat infrequently.
Being a real veteran of the soul scen, first cutting his teeth with artists like Sam Cooke and James Brown, he never did achieve the same commercial success as those two. Problably most known to the general public for his title song to the movie "Across the 110th Street", which was revived by Quentin Tarantino in the hit movie "Jackie Brown" some years ago.

"How Could You Break My Heart"

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Virgil Henry - I´ll Be True - Colossus

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:16:12

By Martin:

Todays pick is yet again a New York production. From Jerry Ross´s short lived Colossus label comes this wonderful crossover gem. Released in ´69 this was the labels second release. Funnily enough "I´ll Be True" was also the labels last release, but not until two years later when Cookie Woodson in 1971 released her now very indemand version of the song.
In between these two versions Colossus relased several good singles that should appeal to soul collectors and fans. Two of the releases by a group called The Mob (# 130 & 134 respectively) are nice and shouldn´t prove to hard to find.
Virgil Henry also released a second single on the label "You Ain´t Saying Nothing New" (# 115) which is another crossover winner but can prove to be a bit dearer to buy. That release also got picked up by the well known Tamla logo from Detroit and gained a release on Tamla # 54212.
Virigl Henry also recorded as Gil Blanding, Virgil Blanding as well as Virgil W. Blanding, most known out of these release is problably the northern soul evergreen "Rules" credited to Gil Blanding and released on Ready records in 1966.

"I´ll Be True"

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Johnny Gilliam And Everything Nice - Tell Your Friend It´s Over - Cancer

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:05:41

By Martin:

I have to confess that I know very little about Johnny Gilliam and his group. He did record as just Johnny Gilliam in the 60s and did some terrific work, especially "Find Yourself Another" on Bo-Mar records is a wonderful heartfelt midtempo outing. It seems like Cancer records were from Albany, Georgia and I wouldn´t be surprised if it turned out to be his own label, as he both wrote, arranged and produced the song as well.
Sounding as it was released slightly after his Bo-Mar record I would guess on a release date somwhere between 1971-74. Not a difficult record to pick up but certainly worth it for Johnnys distinctive and special sounding voice.

"Tell Your Friend It´s Over"

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Pat Johnson & The Moonlighters - Give Me A Helping Hand - Cap Town

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:02:26

By Martin:

Not much info about this I´m afraid.
This might be the same Pat Johnson that recorded on the Win Or Lose label in 1972 and the Moonlighters might just be the same outfit as the one on Lamp records, but that is just me speculating really. Don´t know where Cap Town records were from, but someone supposedly picked up a copy of this in Baltimore, and that is as likely as anywhere else I suppose. From the sound of it and the lyrics a I would guess a release date between 1968-´71. Sorry about all the vagueness but it seems to be a really obscure record that not many know of, yet.

"Give Me A Helping Hand"

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Freddie Watson And The Restorators - The Unlucky Seven - Eloys

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 10:01:08

By Martin:
Staying with that slightly funky stuff for one more. Can´t shed much light on this either, I´m afraid. Freddie Watson released at least on other record on the Eloys label, "Together Baby" / "It´s All Over Now" on Eloys 1170. What little info I´ve found it seems that Eloys were a Chicago label and that our featured record was released sometime during 1970. Today still a fairly easy piece to pick up but don´t exspect that to last too long since this type of slightly funkier records is gaining more and more ground all over the rare soul scene.

"The Unlucky Seven"

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Ecstasy, Passion & Pain - I´ll Do Anything For You - Roulette

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:58:51

By Martin:

Led by Barbara Roy (born Gaskins) on vocals, who had earlier recorded with her niece Brenda Gaskins on Avanti and Heidi, the group also consisted of Bill Gardner, Joseph Williams Jr., Althea Smith and Alan Tizer. The group had a fair amount of success on the charts during the mid seventies, just prior to the real disco boom. This featured track is actually the other side to one of their best sellers "Touch And Go" which was released in 1976. The group released a further two singles in 1976 & 77 on Roulette records and a last one on Barbara Roy´s own Roy B label in the early eighties.

"I´ll Do Anything For You"

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Wilson Pickett - How Will I Ever Know - Wicked

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:44:05

By Martin:

The "Wicked One" here on his own label shows that there was more to him than just the gritty hard soul records that made him famous in the sixties. One of the original members in The Falcons, Pickett made his fortune as a solo artist with classic cuts like "Mustang Sally", "634-5789" and "in The Midnight Hour". However as the sixties faded so did his career. The seventies proved unfruitful for Pickett if you solely look at record sales. That did not mean thay he wasn´t releasing good stuff though. Here is one of my personal favourites from him. Released in 1975 and very soulfully sung this shows the mans versatility, he will be sorely missed.

"How Will I Ever Know"

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Brewster Crew - I´m One Who Know - Lifeline

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:39:46

By Martin:

Try as I might I cannot find a single oiece of information about this group, or the record label either for that matter. What little the label tells us is that it is a Detroit recording, (I think Brewster was the name of a project in Detroit), and that it was released in 1974. Actually the appointed B-side "I´m One Who Know" has a very smooth harmony sound to. Add to that some inspired guitar work and what sounds like an expensive strings section and you know you´re in for a treat! Co-written and produced by one T. Rodgers this is really an obscurity that deserved better.

"I´m One Who Know"

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Brian Holland - I´m So Glad - Invictus

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:36:12

By Martin:

In the sixties brothers Brian & Eddie Holland together with Lamont Dozier formed a legendary songwriting trio for Motown records. Almost without effort they seemed to create melodies and songs that today are forever kept in millions of hearts around the world. Although they all did some work in front of the microphone as well, they soon focused on their songwriting and producing skills. Which was a shame really as we can hear on this track. Both Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland also recorded as solo artists both in sixties and seventies and that material is of equally high standard. Released on their own Invictus set-up in 1974 this is just one of those perfect soulful dance songs, when the strings galore kicks in after the intro, arranger Gene Page and producer Brian Holland himself can sit back and just enjoy another masterpiece created.

"I´m So Glad"

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Carl Carlton - I Can Feel it - Back Beat

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:33:34

By Martin:

Born in Detroit Mchigan in 1953 Carl carlton had his first record released at the tender age of eleven on Lando records. He released a few records on both Lando and the Golden World labels before moving on to Back Beat records in 1968 and relesing the now classic (at least on the northern soul scene) "Competition Ain´t Nothing".
The label change made Carlton move to Houston texas where Back Beat was located at the time. Having most of his success in the seventies with tracks like "Everlasting Love" and "She´s A Bad Mama Jama" Carlton continued to record on several different labels well into the eighties. All of his records on Back Beat are good, I´ve chosen this particular 1970 outing as it seems to a bit in vogue on the rare soul scene at the moment.

"I Can Feel It"

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The TSU Toronadoes - Getting The Corners - Atlantic

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:32:19

By Martin:

OK, let´s low down. Strutting funk from the guys the invented strutting funk. The group consisted of Osmond Chamber who sang lead, Robert Sanders, Cal Thomas, Leroy Lewis, Clarence Harper, Dwight Burns, Michael Newman, James Doss.
James Taylor replaced Chamber as lead in 1967 and Jerry Jenkins replaced
Michael Newman.
Never releasing a bad record this Houston based outfit problably had their biggest hit with this record which first came out on the local Ovide label and is a terrific two-sided story. The A-side "What Good Am I" is a pleading midtempo soultrack, whilst this is much more of a dancefloor favourite. Hard to pick between the two but this is the side featured on our Soulville nights so I´ll think I´ll go with it, for now...

"Gettin The Corners"

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C.P. Love - Never Been In Love Before - Chimneyville

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:20:01

By Martin:

Born and raised in New Orleans C.P. Love quickly found himself a part of the busy music scene there in the sixties and seventies, playing guitar in clubs at the tender age of fifteen. Something that occasionally made him having to hide from the police checking clubs and bars for underaged persons. Steeped in both blues and soul and with rolemodels like Johnny Taylor and Sam Cooke he not only excelled in his guitar playing but also had a warm and soulful voice to add to his act. On this King Floyd written track he really fuses that warm southern feeling perfectly with what is essentially a catchy pop song. Stilla active today and just getting back from the disaster that was Katrina and took much of his home and hometown away C.P. Love can be found on

"Never Been In Love Before"

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Patti Jo - Ain´t No Love Lost - Scepter

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:16:22

By Martin:

Written and produced by the maestro himself, Curtis Mayfield and arranged by Rich Tufo (who did a lot of work with The Natural Four and The Notations) this is actually released on Scepter records, a subsidary to the New York based Wand label. Strange.
All credits point to Chicago and several other versons of the song, Linda Clifford and Curtis Maydield´s own, where released out of the windy city. Come to think of it, I don´t think I´ve ever seen an issue of this particular track. Anyone?
So what do we have here? Well, Patti turns it into a funky three minutes or so, full of attitude and a wonderfull overall feeling of sister can and will do by herself. Released in 1972 I think it makes it the first version of the song to hit the streets and arguably (to my ears anyways), the best.

"Ain´t no Love Lost"

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Lew Kirton - Come On With It - Marlin

70s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 04, 2009 09:13:21

By Martin:

Born and raised in Barbados Lew Kirton got his vocal training with the Anglian Church choir. He also played the drums which eventually got him a job with the Sam & Dave revue in the United States. Maybe most known for his modern soul anthem "Heaven In The Afternoon" on Alston records, he had several great records released during a few years in the seventies. Most of them where releases out of Florida and TK associated labels, such as this one. Written and co-produced by Clarence Reid and released in 1977 this is a very long way from the disco stuff that was occupying the charts and the public conscience at the time.

"Come On With It"

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The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - Volt

70s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, February 03, 2009 17:49:29

By Martin:

Formerly known as The Dynamics who recorded for the Wingate label out of Detoit, this group is one that have seen a lot of people come and go. At the time of this release, which was their first major hit ( it reached #3 on the R&B charts in ´72) the group members were William "Wee Gee" Howard, Willie Ford , Elbert Wilkins, Larry Demps and Ronald Banks.
Even though the group was signed to a Memphis label at the time this came out they continued to have strong Detroit connections, both with Tony Hester who wrote both this song and their next big hit "In The Rain" and the Groovesville production team (which the aforementioned Hester was a part of).

"Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get"

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The Determinations - Bing Bong - King

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 02, 2009 21:35:33

By Martin:

Lots of groups took to the name The Determinations. This is to my knowledge the only recording by this particular outfit. Released on King records in 1970 and co-written by one Mr. j. Brown this is far from the godfather of Soul´s usual funky stuff of the day. Pure male group excellence this shows that quality goes a long way. Thirty-eight years to be exact.

"Bing Bong"

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David Ruffin - "Rode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay)" - Motown

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 02, 2009 21:33:13

By Martin:

Is there a voice that better represents what soul really, truly is than David Ruffin´s?
Problably considered to be THE lead singer of The Temptations, Ruffin walked out on the group after a few years at the top of their game with an ego as big as his voice. Sadly no longer with us, Davis Ruffin stays forever in our hearts through songs like this one, and will forever be known as one of the icons in soul music.

"Rode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay)"

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The Fantastic Johnny C - Don´t Depend On Me - Phil-L.A. Of soul

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 02, 2009 21:19:06

By Martin:
Right, moving south-east from Chicago to Philadelphia and Harold Lipsius aptly named Phil-L.A Of Soul label. The label was active from 1966-76 and released some great records durinig that time. Born Johhny Corley and gaining his stage name by producer Jesse James during a show, which was simply "fantastic", he struck it big with "Boogaloo Down Broadway" in 1967 which reached number five on the R&B charts and number seven on the pop charts. Never reaching that same success he did continue to record for the label over several years and released this great song in 1973.

"Don´t Depend On Me"

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The Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin

70s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 02, 2009 21:17:03

By Martin:

The Philharmonics released their one and only single on this small New Orleans label in 1970. A great uptempo effort with all the right ingredients it is a shame that the mixing on the released record is somewhat below what one could have wished for. Although the sound is somewhat muffled these guys talent manages to shine through, just listen to the lead singer at the near end of track holding a note for what seems like forever!

I Need, I Need Your Love

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