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Ron Kenoly - You're Still Blowing My Mind - Audio Forty

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, November 28, 2011 20:28:24

In the mid 60s ,Ron Kenoly began singing in the military where he joined Top 40 cover group The Mellow Fellows (possibly the same group that recorded "My Baby Needs Me for Dot records). He had a few records out in the late 60s and early 70s which didn't really take off and he instead devoted his life to church and his family, working as a minister and also singing and releasing gospel music. It is touching to find out that he has now been married to the same woman for over 40 years, a fact that brings extra credibilty to an already wonderful track. Enjoy!

"You're Still Blowing My Mind"

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Jackie Lee & Delores Hall - Whether It's Right Or Wrong - Mirwood

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, November 06, 2011 09:00:29

From 1966, this great little gem won't break the bank and isn't particulary hard to track down either. Jacke Lee (or Earl Nelson) was one of Los Angeles Mirwood records biggest artists, and struck it rich with the million seller "The Duck" the same year as this was released. Delores Hall did not record for Mirwood again after this, which is sad as this duo works quite well together. Perhaps it was the success of "The Duck" that prompted Mirwood to push Lee as a solo artist rather than cutting more material with him and Hall together. Whatever the reason, they can be both take pride in their sole recording as a duo. Enjoy!

"Whether It's Right Or Wrong"

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Howard Tate - Half A Man - Verve

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, October 21, 2011 16:49:33

Howard Tate was born in 1939 in Macon Georgia but his family relocated to Philadelphia when he was just a few years old. In his teens he befriended Garnet Mimms and joined him in his gospel group called The Gainors. Mimms also introduced him to songwriter and producer Jerry Ragovoy who recorded Tate and secured a deal at Verve records, where Tate would record nine singles between 1964 - 68. This is Tate's first release on the label, a 1964 record that had previously seen the light on the small Utopia label but was picked up for wider distribution by Verve. Enjoy!

"Half A Man"

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Young Hearts - Get Yourself Together - Pick - A - Hit

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, October 20, 2011 18:51:41

Back in the 1960s & 70s a few incarnations of (The) Young Hearts existed. This is however, to my knowledge, the original line-up which consisted of Charles Ingersol, James Moore, Ronnie Preyer and Earl Carter (who passed in 1970 and was replaced by Bob Solomon). The group was formed by Charles Ingersol and Bobby Sanders in 1961 while they were still in high school. Sanders later managed the group and also wrote and produced material. Their first recording was the now classic, in northern soul circles anyway, "A Little Togetherness" for Canterbury records in 1967. This track was released the year after and was their only recording for the small Pick - A - Hit records. Enjoy!

"Get Yourself Together"

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Major Lance - It Ain't No Use - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, October 19, 2011 17:23:22

Not the most expensive record you'll ever buy and not the hardest one to find either. Still, these pages are all about the quality of the music at as such this little gem can stand tall among its more scare, and sometimes expensive, fellow 45s on this site. Major Lance was no doubt a talented singer, but the real mastermind behind his success in the early 60s was Curtis Mayfield who wrote and produced most af his hits at the time. When Mayfield left so did the hits for the Major as well. But before the went seperate ways they formed a formidable duo who created some great music. Enjoy!

"It Ain't No Use"

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The Cre-Shendos - You're Still On My Mind - Aquarius

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, September 25, 2011 20:27:08

The Cre-Shendos sole release came out in 1968 on the small Aquarius imprint, but some of the members in this outfit may have recorded as The Creshendos on Music City and also as The Casual Creshendos on MRC. Today's addition is the B-side, the other track being a terrific sweet soul type ballad called "This Must Be Love" which have been included on some Bay Area compilations so I'm guessing it must have been recorded/released thereabouts. Enjoy!

"You're Still On My Mind"

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The Wonderettes - I Feel Strange - Ruby

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, September 05, 2011 18:35:51

With only 81 days to go to the Prague Soul Weekender in conjunction with Skaparada! I thought it's time to get Soultreats! back on track for the autumn edition. And what better way to start off with than this fantastic 1965 dancer which will hopefully go down a treat (!) at the event itself. The Wonderettes, or sometimes Rose St. John & The Wonderettes, recorded a couple of tracks between 1965-66 which sadly all sank without trace. "I Feel Strange", "the gem side" as it is aptly called, was re-released on both United Artists and Enterprise records shortly afterwards, later in '65 and '66 respectively but never managed to get much attention from the record buying public. Enjoy!

"I Feel Strange"

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The Falcons - Standing On Guard - Big Wheel

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 22, 2011 20:10:30

The Falcons are sometimes credited to have recorded one of the first soul songs with their "You're So Fine" in 1959. A group that went through a number of line-up changes and at one point or another have included soul greats like Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd and Mack Rice. This track is from 1966 when all of aforementioned celebrities had already left the group. Little does that matter as the material that they recorded in the mid 60s to my ears is equally brilliant as their 1962 hit "I Found A Love" or anything else that included the more famous members. Enjoy!

"Standing On Guard"

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Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening - Pameline

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 15, 2011 16:03:51

A real classic and with guys like Richard Wylie, Mike Hanks and Tony Hestor behind this track you know it's going to be special. I don't know much about Tommy Neal to be honest, to my knowledge this 1967 scorcher is his only release. Pameline was a local Detroit label which I think Richard "Popcorn" Wylie owned, or possibly Tony Hestor as the backing track is also used on Hestor's popular unreleased track "Spaceland". Enjoy!

"Goin' To A Happening"

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Dee Edwards - He Told Me Lies - D Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, July 14, 2011 18:25:32

Doris Jean Harrell was born in Montgomery Al. in 1945. She began singing in church at the age of five and when the family relocated to Detroit in 1960 she and her brother Albert met brothers Tommy & Freddy Martin who they formed the group The Paragons with. Local music man Mike Hanks discovered the group and signed them to Duke Browner's Exit label where they released their debut 45 "My Time Is Important To Me / Pretty Words (That’s What I Want To Hear)" in 1963. The record didn't do much and the group went separate ways soon after. Harrell however stayed with Mike Hanks and recorded a number of 45s for his D-Town label. This is her first release on the D-Town imprint, an excellent ballad from 1963. Enjoy!

"He Told Me Lies"

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The Intruders - But You Belong To Me - Music Voice

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, July 12, 2011 16:03:36

I've always had a soft spot for these early, innocent sounding tracks and this was in fact one the first soul 45s I ever bought. Strangely enough I don't think I've featured The Intruders before on these pages, which is odd since I love lead singer Sam "Little Sonny" Brown's voice. Time to make that right then.

The Intruders were formed in 1960 as a doo-wop group and consisted of aforementioned Sam Brown together with Eugene Daughtery, Phillip Terry, and Robert Edwards. They cut their first record on Gowen records, local Philadelphia label in 1961, and had a further release on the same label in '62. This 1964 cut is their third release and was, although released on a New York label, written, produced and recorded in Philadelphia by Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett, a production duo that were the king-pins of production in the city of Brotherly Love before Gamble & Huff came along. Not one of their strongest sellers, they had far more success later on with "Cowboys to Girls" and "Love Is Like (A Baseball Game") to name but a few, but still one of my personal favourites by them. Enjoy!

"But You Belong To Me"

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Eddie Holman - Eddie's My Name - Parkway

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, July 08, 2011 16:27:34
Often remembered for his 1969 smash hit "Hey There Lonely Girl", a cover of Ruby & The Romantics 1963 release "Hey There Lonely Boy", Eddie Homan had in fact by then already been a recording artist for a number of years. Making his debut at just 16 with "What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You) for the Independent Leopard label in 1962, he continued to record for various labels throughout the 60s in search of that elusive breakthrough hit. Sadly Holman could not repeat the commercial success of "Hey There Lonely Girl" but continued to record and release great soul music for another decade, leaving a wealth of great material for us to choose from and a legacy of which he can be proud. Today's addition is from 1965 and just one of many great tracks he recorded that should have been more appriciated at the time of their release. Enjoy!

"Eddie's My Name"

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Pat Lewis - Let's Go Together - Golden World

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 30, 2011 20:44:23

A native of Johnstown Penn., Patsy "Pat" Lewis moved with her family to Detroit in the early 1950s. In the early 1960s she and her sister Dianne together with Jackie & Betty Winston formed The Adorables who released three singles between 1964-1965 for Ed Wingate and Joanne Bratton's local Golden World label . In 1966 she went solo for the same label with this terrific double-header, "Can't Shake It Loose" being on the flip. Lewis continued to record for local Detroit labels and she also sang back-up with Motown group The Andantes as well as backing famous soul stars like Aretha Franklin and Isaac Hayes. Enjoy!

"Let's Go Together"

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Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On Baby - Thelma

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, June 21, 2011 20:25:50
A giant in underground soul music but sadly failed to make any real mark on the commercial side of things, Emanuel Laskey's output has, and still is, been largely underappreciated by the masses. Unfairly so, methinks, as most of his records on small Detroit labels like this in the 60s was quality through and through. Hailed as a hero on the U.K's northern soul scene because of tracks like this one can only hope that recognition for Mr. Laskey will come eventually, and it seems like it has to as the recordings just keep on gaining popularity. This is Laskey's sixth release for the Thelma imprint, released in 1965 it just preceded his anthemic "I'm A Peace Loving Man" for the same label,one which you will find featured elsewhere in these pages. Enjoy!

"Don't Lead Me On Baby"

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The Mask Man & The Agents with Hampton's Band- I Wouldn't Come Back - Loop

60s SoulPosted by admin Tue, June 07, 2011 07:56:07
Harmon Bethea (The Mask Man) and his Agents; Tyrone Gray, Johnny Hood and Paul Williams had previously been known as doo-wop outfit The Cap-Tans or L'Captans. The group recorded for a number of labels throughout the 50s and early 60s without having any real success. Bethea then decided to add to their show a gimmick, a "Lone Ranger" type mask and re-appear as his alter ego: The Mask Man. He also renamed the group to the Agents, and this new outfit (same members) released their first recording in 1964 on Gama records. Including both comedy and social commentary into their act, the group finally had some hits with the 1968 "One Eye Open" and the year after with "My Woman, My Dog, My Cat", both recorded for Dynamo records in N.Y.C. This release is from 1966 and a local New York label, but the track was later released on Musicor as well. Harmon Bethea passed in 2009 but will be fondly remembered not only for his great music, but also for his staying power and commitment: he doubled his day job in the army with a dream for musical success for almost 50 years. Enjoy!

"I Wouldn't Come Back"

Ps For more info on The Mask Man and his Agents:

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The Volcanos - Help Wanted - Arctic

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, June 01, 2011 08:29:33

A wonderful 1966 dancer from Philadelphia PA. The Volcanos released nine singles between 1964 and 1968, and used only thirteen songs. Such is the case with this release, where "Help Wanted" had previously been used as the A-side (it's the B-side here) in ´65, then backed with "Make Your Move". Here the official A-side is instead "A Lady's Man". I believe this is the group's first collaboration with songwriters Gamble & Huff who later on had huge success with acts like O'Jays etc. on Philadelphia International Records in the 70s. Although The Volcanos only charted once in the 60s, they too did well in the 70s when a large part of the group formed the backbone of disco act The Trammps. Enjoy!

"Help Wanted"

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Larry & The Larks- Tell Me - Veep

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 30, 2011 19:26:07

This 1966 release seems to have been Larry & The Larks' only release, and there is precious little information about them on the internet. Written and produced by a Tony March it seems like the group more or less passed by the studio, cut their record - win or lose, and then disappeared from the business, at least under this name. Nevertheless, the track is an excellent guitar led dancer, a fusion between Soul, RnB and garage that works really well. Enjoy!

" Tell Me"

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Joe Hinton - Got You On My Mind - Back Beat

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, May 27, 2011 08:51:15

Joe Hinton was born in in Evansville Indianapolis in 1929 and is not to be confused with Joe Hinton the songwriter and artist who worked for Motown among others in the 70s. After he´d been in two gospel groups he was persuaded by Don Robey who owned Peacock records (where one of Hinton's gospel outfits The Spirit of Memphis had released three singles in 1957-58) to have a stab at the secular market. Hinton signed as a solo artist to Peacock's subsidiary in 1958 but had to wait five years and an equal amount of releases before he finally got a hit with his 1963 ”You Know It Ain't Right”. Hinton's biggest success came the year after when he managed to get a top 20 hit with his rendition of Willie Nelson's ”Funny How Time Slips Away”. This is Joe Hinton's final single for the Bacbeat imprint, where he released a total of 16 singles and one album. Sadly he died from skin cancer in 1968, the same year this wonderful piece of music was released.

"Got You On My Mind"

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The Fabulous Denos - I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You - King

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 25, 2011 08:12:24

This is to my knowledge the last release by this Georgia group who also recorded as The Fabulous Dinos for the local Saber label in the early 60s. Members Robert Fears (aka Bobby Dixon), Allan Pace, James Walker, Hezekiah Sheffield and Rickey Andrews formed a band playing RnB in clubs in and around the Atlanta area in the late 50s. After an unsuccessful release on the Saber label in 1960 and one on New York's Musicor Records in 1962 they relocated to Macon Georgia to try out their luck. There they were signed to the King label and had a further two 45s released in 1964. Although both 45s are absolutely top drawer ("Bad Girl" has also been featured here previously) they sank without a trace. The co-writer of this track and most of the Denos' material Robert Fears later had his share of success as a member of The Ohio Players. Enjoy!

"I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You"

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Ruth Brown - A Stone Groovy Thing - Solid State

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, May 24, 2011 09:09:16

Long before Aretha, Otis, The Spinners and countless others there was Ruth Brown.

Way back in the early 50s when Atlantic records was still just a fledgling RnB label alongside many others, Ruth Brown almost single handedly carried the label to its unique position it had a few years later. For almost a decade her records kept the company afloat and gave it the ability to expand. Sadly, when RnB turned to Soul in the 1960s she was to a large extent forgotten about.
This track is proof, if anything, that she could still deliver the goods though. A personal favourite from 1968 and the Solid State label which was a subsidary of Uniter Artists. Ruth Brown eventually got back into the music business, as a recordning artist but perhaps more importantly as a key figure in fighting for royalties for RnB and Soul acts. Enjoy!

"A Stone Groovy Thing"

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The Mandells - How To Love A Woman - Mandells

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 18, 2011 08:14:41

A great midtempo track with that classic Chicago 60s sound. The Mandells were a local group who recorded a couple of tracks for the Moneytown label ("I Just Can´t Win") before they got their own label, Trans World Sound. This had actually been the idea from the beginning, to start a record label rather than a group. The Mandells then released quite a few sides on their Chicago based Trans World Sound, and often handled production, songwriting and arrangement themselves as well. This is my pick from their Trans World material. Enjoy!

"How To Love A Woman"

Ps Get The Mandells' full story at Bob Abrahamian's excellent site Ds

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The Platters - With This Ring - Musicor

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, May 17, 2011 18:42:51

When this great cut was released in 1966 the glory days for this famous outfit were over. Formed as early as ´51 The Platters struggled for a few years before hooking up with producer and songwriter Buck Ram who almost single-handedly turned them into one of the most successful Doo-Wop groups of all time. At their prime in the mid and late 50s they were seldom of the charts and had huge hits like "The Great Pretender" and "Only You". The group continued (with some line-up changes) to record in the 60s, trying to adapt their style to the new realms of music. Although they never were as successful commercially as in the 50s they did record some great records, especially during their stay at the New York based Musicor label. Enjoy!

"With This Ring"

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Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - A Quitter Never Wins - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 16, 2011 09:37:38

Another great 45 from this dynamic duo and their 1967 album "Two For The Price of One". Recorded and produced in Los Angeles it was released on Chicago's Okeh label. The Okeh label has become somewhat of a favourite for northern soul fans worldwide because of its wealth of great uptempo tracks they released in the mid 60s and you could problably spend both a lot of time and money if you wanted to collect them all. Enjoy!

"A Quitter Never Wins"

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The Superiors - What Would I Do - Verve

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, May 13, 2011 08:17:59

Hard to believe that with this addition there are now 400 Soultreats! listed on these pages! A big thank you to all of you who visit the blog and those of you who have taken the time to comment, it is very much appreciated!
Today's addition is from 1965 by The Superiors, a group that cut some excellent material for the MGM label and its Verve subsidary during the mid-60s. Hope you all enjoy, here's to the next 400!

"What Would I Do"

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Spencer Wiggins - Lonely Man - Goldwax

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 11, 2011 17:42:28

Born in 1942, Spencer Wiggins cut some excellent southern soul ballads for the Goldwax and Fame labels during the 1960s and early 70s before turning his back on secular music in 1976. Like so many of his peers he began singing in church and formed a group together with his siblings Percy (who's been featured previously on theses pages) and Maxine Wiggins. In 1964 he was signed to Quinton Claunch's Goldwax label where his first recordings were leased to the Bandstand USA label. Although he is most known for his wonderful ballads, Spencer Wiggins recorded some great uptempo music as well. Perhaps most known to northern soul fans is his unreleased "Let's Talk it Over" which has been reissued on CDs and bootlegged many times over. Today we focus on this 1967 release with Wiggins' rumbling voice in fine form.

"Lonely Man"

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Lee Rogers - Go-Go Girl - D-Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 09, 2011 08:48:06
Born in Mississippi in 1939 as Roger Lee Craton, Rogers' family relocated to Detroit when he was just three years old. There he joined the church choir and also began to sing with local street corner groups. In 1959 he was a member of The Peppermints, a group that had two releases on the local Hob label the same year. In the early 60s Rogers met Mike Hanks, a local musician and entrepreneur who brought him to his stable of labels. Rogers had a big hit in 1964 on Hanks' D-Town label with his track "I Want You To Have Everything, which made #17 on the Billboard RnB chart in early ´65. Sadly this was Rogers only breakout hit, and although he continued to record frequently throughout the decade, none of his following records managed to repeat the success of "Everything". This great double-header, the other side is called "I'm A Practical Guy", was released in 1966. Enjoy!

"Go-Go Girl"

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The Manhattans - All I Need Is Your Love - Carnival

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, May 06, 2011 09:57:57

A personal favourite from Joe Evans' great New Jersey label. The Manhattans consisted of George Smith, Winfred Lovett, Richard Taylor, Kenneth Kelley and Edward Bivins. The group recorded a number of singles for the Carnival label between 1964-68 which are all worth looking up. They had their major breakthrough in the 70s however with the smash hit "Kiss and Say Goodbye" for Columbia records which became the second single ever to reach platinum, after Johnny Taylor's "Disco Lady". This great little dancer is from 1967. Enjoy!

"All I Need Is Your Love"

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Junior McCants - The Boy Needs A Girl - King

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 04, 2011 09:16:11

A 1966 release by this talented falsetto singer who tragically died in a motorcycle accident shortly after. This was his only official release, the A-side to this record is called "Help My Love". McCants was brought to the King label by songwriter Charles Spurling I believe who also wrote most of McCants material. The King label released one more record by McCants "She Wrote It I Read It" B/W "Try Me For Your New Love" but it was withdrawn right after McCants death in respect of the singer's family, leaving just a few promo copies in existance which are incredibly sought after.


"The Boy Needs A Girl"

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James Carr - A Losing Game - Goldwax

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, April 28, 2011 00:15:16

Another great dancer by this immensively talented singer. Set against the blaring horns and a relentless beat Carr cries out his agony for a love he cannot deny, brilliant stuff! Enjoy!

"A Losing Game"

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Jimmy Norman - This I Beg Of You - Samar

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 26, 2011 12:51:31

Although a recording artist in his own right James Norman Scott is most known for his songwriting abilities. He wrote "Time Is On My Side" for Irma Thomas which was later covered and a smash hit for The Rolling Stones. He has also worked with both Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix during the beginnings of their career and he was a member of the Coasters. Born in Nashville in 1937 he has now relocated to New York where he has made a comeback with his 2004 album "Little Pieces".
This track was problably recorded in New York during the mid to late sixties. Enjoy!

Find out more about Jimmy Norman here.

"This I Beg Of You"

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Ramsey Lewis - Wade In The Water - Cadet

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, April 25, 2011 12:26:57

Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis has over the past five decades released a string of piano led pop/jazz records that have become popular on the U.K's mod and scooter scene. Lewis formed his own trio way back in 1956 and has since then stayed in the music business, a remarkable achievement and a proof of that his music has stood the test of time. Enjoy!

"Wade In The Water"

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Jackie Lee - Oh My Darlin' - Mirwood

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 19, 2011 12:28:12

Really named Earl Nelson, Jackie Lee had a massive hit called "Harlem Shuffle" in 1963 as part of the duo Bob & Earl together with L.A. legend Bob Relf. He had previous to that been in a number of groups, including Bobby Byrd's The Hollywood Flames. Lee's solo career got of to a flying start when he released "The Duck" in 1965, a dance record that quickly climbed the RnB charts. Mirwood (a Los Angeles based company) quickly released a full length L.P. to capitalize on its success. Lee continued to record throughout the 60s, releasing a number of wortwhile uptempo grooves. This is my personal favourite. Enjoy!

"Oh My Darlin' "

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JJ Barnes - Baby Please Come Back Home - Groovesville

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 12, 2011 19:36:08

One of soul music's best kept secrets, Jimmy James Barnes is held in high esteem by soul fans all over the world for his 1960 & 70s recordings. JJ Barnes was born in Detroit Michigan in 1943 and cut his first solo recording just 17 years old for the local lable Kable records in 1960, a track called "My Love Came Tumbling Down". He recorded prolifically during the 60s, releasing stellar material on labels like Mickay's, Scepter, Golden World (as part of the group The Holidays) Ric Tic and others. This 1967 release was his best seller and it reached #11 on the RnB chart in '67. Enjoy!

"Baby Please Come Back Home"

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Chuck Corby & The Chances - Happy Go Lucky - Sound

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 05, 2011 11:36:51

Born in 1946 and a native of Pittsburgh P.A. Chuck Corby got in to the music business in his teens and this record was released in 1966. It fared pretty well and was picked up by Scepter records for national distribution the same year. Corby moved on to release material on a number of labels during the 1960&70s, including some great records on Spectre, Chess and the Fee-Bee label, among others the epic "Those Lonely Nights" in 1968 (then dubbed as The Soul Communicators). Currently residing in Clairton P.A. Corby is still active today, and has also made an appearance on the U.K. soul scene a few years ago. Enjoy!

"Happy Go Lucky"

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James Carr - That's What I Want To Know - Goldwax

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, March 31, 2011 10:44:53

Most known for his seminal "The Dark End Of The Street", James Carr is regarded by many as one of the most talented soul singers of all time. Born in 1942, Carr like so many of his peers began singing in church and gospel groups. Together with friend and former band mate Roosevelt Jamison he started searching for an entrance into a secular recording career in the early 1960s, and was eventually signed to Quinton M Claunch and Rudolph 'Doc' Russell's newly founded Goldwax label in '63 after another Memphis label, Stax, had turned him down. At Goldwax Carr recorded the bulk of his material including this B-side to the classic "You Got My Mind Messed Up" in 1966.


"That's What I Want To Know"

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The Blendtones - Come On Home - Success

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, March 31, 2011 00:06:29

Most likely a 1963 or 64 release from the short lived Success label. Based In Des Moines Iowa, the label had just ten releases before folding but, judging by the records that I've heard, it wasn't quality that was lacking. The Blendtones had their two releases (number 1 & 5 in the Success catalogue) and the first one entitled "Dear Diary" B/W "Lovers" sold well in the L.A. area, reaching #3 on the local chart. The group consisted of brothers and Des Moines natives Gilbert & George Davis together with Ronnie Brewer. This is the B-side to "The Slide", their second and final outing for Success. It was written, as all their Success material, by George Davis who is now back performing with his brother again in the Des Moines area.


"Come On Home"

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Carl Henderson - That Girl - Renfro

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, March 27, 2011 22:01:26

One of the more commercially viable tracks from this Los Angeles based label, this was also done in a female version, aptly named "That Boy" instead.
Henderson had another northern winner with his "I'm Scheming" on the same label, which is a lot harder to find. For me though, this is his finest hour. Enjoy!

"That Girl"

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Jerry Butler - Moody Woman -Mercury

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sat, March 26, 2011 23:34:40

One of the original members of The Impressions, Butler also had a fantastic career as a solo artist and is remembered as one of the Windy City's most memorable voices. This is perhaps not one of his best sellers or most know tracks, but anyone with a history in northern soul will surely have fond memories of it, as it just the type of happy go lucky dance music that usually attracts new followers.


"Moody Woman"

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Lori & Lance - All I Want Is You - Federal

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, March 23, 2011 21:51:34

Deep soul of the highest order on this 1969 release from the King subsidary Federal records. Sadly I have no information whatsoever abot the real identities behind the duo. From my understanding this is their one release and it sank without a trace, only to be rediscovered some thirty years later when it was compiled on the excellent Ace / Kent CD "King Deep Soul". Nice little double sider it is as well since the flip "I Don´t Have Worry" is southern crossover at its best.


"All I Want Is You"

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Derek Martin - Sly Girl - Tuba

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, March 04, 2011 23:00:52

A 1967 release on this short lived record label which I think was based in Detroit MI. Martin was a Detroit native and had previously, dating back to the 50s, been in various Doo-Wop and RnB groups, The Pearls and The Top Notes, as well as singing with Duke Ellington. In the mid sixties he decided to go solo and recorded for several labels like Roulette, Tuba and Crackerjack. This 45, which was also picked up bý Stax records and released on that label in the U.K., is to me his best although his #47 RnB hit "You Better Go" for Roulette records comes close, enjoy!

"Sly Girl"

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The De Vons - Someone To Treat Me (The Way You Use To) - King

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, March 03, 2011 22:21:32

Another girl group winner and this time from 1969, which was problably after most the girl groups had already faded away and funkier rhythms had taken over. And it is none other than the king of funk himself, James Brown, who produced this track. I haven´t found a line-up of The De Vons and I don´t know of any other releases by them, some suggest that they may the samé girls who recorded as The Devonnes on "I´m Gonna Pick Up My Toys And Go Home", but I´m not sure of that.


"Someone To Treat Me (The Way You Use To)"

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The Cookies - I Never Dreamed - Dimension

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, March 01, 2011 21:06:53

For many this is the ultimate girl group record, and I agree. From the opening bars to the soaring lead vocal by Margaret Ross´ it is just perfection. The group never got much attention during their time, although they are the ones that are singing most of Little Eva´s "Locomotion" and were the first group to record "I´m Into Something Good" which was later covered by Hermans Hermits and a million seller. Whatever raw deal they were dealt The Cookies can be proud that this, to me their finest hour, will never crumble.


"I Never Dreamed"

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Ben E King - What Can A Man Do - Atco

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 09, 2011 20:54:05
Another one of King´s lesser known tracks, I´ve featured his great "I Can´t Break The News To Myself" some time ago. This was released the year before, in 1964 to be exact and although it sold fairly well judging by how it is to find nowadays it still has to be considered a poor seller by King´s standards. Still active to this day, Ben E King has a recording history that spans over five decades and includes hits with both The Drifters as well as a solo artist. He also managed to make a remarkable return to the spotlight in the 70s after having been out of the limelight for some time. Definately one of the most rememberable voices of soul music, here it is in all its glory, enjoy!

"What Can A Man Do"

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George E. Smith - Don´t Find Me Guilty - Conclave

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, February 07, 2011 17:58:08

Another one that I don´t know much about, and I can´t seem to find out anything about it either. Sounds like a mid- to late 60s production to me and Smith is obviously a talented guy. For some reason I think that Conclave records were out of Chicago, but the label doesn´t say anything so that is pretty much just a hunch. The flip "Human", is also a great track, more of a classic ballad but equally as good which makes this little cheapie a contender for this weeks "best value" award.


"Don´t Find Me Guilty"

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The Spoilers - Something About You - GMC

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, February 06, 2011 20:25:38

From time to time ,no matter how hard you try to find out a little something about these records, you come up with nothing. Nothing at all in fact. I guess it is bound to happen, since quite a few of the tracks presented on these pages never got the public´s attention in the first place, and thus in many cases were never documented. This is one of those. The Spoilers were problably a white outfit (sounds like it to me) that got a chance to cut a record in 1967, which never took off and that pretty much ended their claim to fame right there and then. The record itself isn´t half bad though, some decent harmonies and nice orchestration sees this little dancer through in a good way.


"Something About You"

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The Volumes - You Got It Baby - Inferno

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, February 03, 2011 21:09:41

The Volumes consisted of Ed Union, Elijah Davis, Larry Wright, Joe Travillion, Ernest Newsome and on one of their releases (Impact 1017) Gerald Mathis sang lead. During their eight years together, from approx. 1962-70, the group went through eight different record companies, but stayed with the same production team for most of the time. Harry Balk (co-owner of the Impact and Inferno labels) and Duke Browner (co-owner and songwriter extraordinaire) worked closely with the group throughout the sixties without getting that all-important breakthrough hit. The group actually came closest on their first attempt, the 1962 release "I Love You" on Chex records which made the Top 30 on Billboard´s pop chart. This is their first release on the Inferno imprint, released in 1967.


"You Got It Baby"

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James Phelps - Don´t Be A Cry Baby

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, February 02, 2011 20:50:22

James Phelps sadly passed on October 26th last year and the news made it into several distinguished music papers, mainly because of his involvement with the legendary gospel group The Soul Stirrers. Phelps moved to Chicago from his native Louisiana in his late teens with that precise objective in his head, to be in the Soul Stirrers. Although he did not sign up with the group immeadiately it wasn´t long before he was fronting the group and was singled out as the next secular star to be signed as a secular solo artist, after his famous predecessor Sam Cooke of course. Phelps´ solo career got of to a very good start with his "Love Is A Five Letter Word" which was released on Argo in 1965. Sadly his following records did not fare as well, although the were just as good, as you can hear. Although that promising start did not blossom into a fully fledgled solo-stardom, Phelps made his living as a popular club act in Las Vegas and other places for many years.

To hear Phelps´ full story, and possibly one of the last interviews with him, please visit the excellent website:


"Don´t Be A Cry Baby"

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Carol Jones - Don´t Destroy Me- Mutt

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, January 31, 2011 21:36:57
Mutt records was a small record company out of Inkster Michigan. The label dabbled in a bit of everything, including some very nice soul releases by artists like The Two Fellows and Dusty Wilson. This wonderful and slightly funk influnced 45 came out in 1968 and was released in several different versions (with or without strings I think is the main difference between them ). The Mutt label was run by Nate Dore and Bill Williams, allegedly in the same office as one of the owners bail-bond office. Labels like these could never in a million years compete with the Motown monster, but that is not to say that they didn´t try, and that they didn´t deserve to win from time to time. I think Carol Jones´ moment of fame is one of those, see for yourself.


"Don´t Destroy Me"

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The Casinos - If I Told You - Del - Val

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, December 02, 2010 12:16:59

The Casinos only released one single for Joe Stevenson´s Philadelphia label Del-Val records, and not much else is known about them. It may be the same group that had a hit with "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" in 1967 and recorded for the Fraternity label but I´m not sure on this. The timing seems right however since this number came out in 1965, and it did next to nothing so the group may have searched for their pot of gold elsewhere. Whatever the truth is, this is a fine uptempo Philly number that deserves a spin or two. Enjoy!

"If I Told You"

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Franky & The Spindles - Tomorrow - Roc-Ker

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, December 02, 2010 11:40:47
Franky & The Spindles were problably from the N.J. area. The group was made up by Frankie Kennedy (lead), Robert Kennedy, Charles Graves, Joseph Shields and Raymond Shields. They are not the same Spindles that recorded for ABC records, that incarnation was problably from the Florida area.

Franky & The Spindles released four singles on Philadelphia based Roc-Ker records between 1968 - 1970, and went on to record for a number of local labels after that as well. Their last 45 came out on the tiny Strawberyy label in 1977.

The Roc-Ker label was co-owned by George Kerr, a well established player in the Philadelphia music industry (he is the "Ker" in the label) and another person who is a this point unknown to me. The label worked as a subsidary to the larger Phil LA of Soul and used various distribution networks to get the product out, in this case the Amy - Mala - Bell setup.



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International GTO´s - I Love My Baby - Rojac

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, November 30, 2010 21:47:03

A 1966 release with an almost frantic approach, thus making it perfect for the northern soul scene. If northern soul music is basically about on the fours Motown copycats, but with a twist, then this fits the bill perfectly!

The International GTO´s consisted of Willie Powell, Tunde Aleem (later replaced by Arthur Allen) Norman Dade and Tommy Lockhart (lead). They only had one 45 released under that name, but had previously recorded in 1963 as The Master Four on Tay-Ster and released a wonderful doo-wop ballad called "It´s Not The End". I believe that the Tay-Ster and Rojac labels were connected (possibly owned by one
Jack Taylor) but I´m not sure on this. It also seems like both labels and the group originated from the Harlem area in N.Y.C.


"I Love My Baby"

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Duke Browner - Crying Over You- Impact

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, November 26, 2010 16:04:59

Problably one of my top ten records of all time, I just never get tired of hearing this 1966 release.

Barney "Duke" Browner worked mainly as a producer and songwriter at Harry Balk´s Impact label, which was located in Detroit Michigan. There is not much information about him to go about but what is clear is that he was involved in a lot of recordings that later on became northern soul classics, "Lady In Green" by The Magnetics, "Walk On Into My Heart" by Bobbie Smith, "If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life" by Dena Barnes and many, many more. Rumors has it that Browner converted to islam and is no longer interested in talking about his musical past. A shame if we cannot get the full story, but the music that he left behind will stand well on its own.

Ps It´s a rough looking label, as my good friend Samuel calls it "Detroit Mint". The sound is hopefully what you´re interested in... Ds

"Crying Over You"

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The Persionettes - Call On Me - Open

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, November 25, 2010 23:52:39

Released almost simultaneously on both the Strata and Open labels, this wonderful girl group track did not set any charts on fire back in 1966. Produced by Leroy Lovett and Frank Bendinelli (Ben-Lee productions) this Philadelphia cut seems to have been the girls only release. A shame since the energy it carries should have carried them a lot further methinks.


"Call On Me"

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Ben E King - I Can´t Break The News To Myself - Atco

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, November 23, 2010 21:02:31

The famous frontman of The Drifters of course, Ben E King became a legend in his own right through a successful solo career. This one of his lesser known records from the mid 60s, but it deserves just as much attention and appreciation as his many million sellers.


"I Can´t Break The News To Myself"

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The Pinkertones feat. Eddie Gross - It´s Not The Way You Walk - Queen G

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, November 19, 2010 14:16:55

A tricky little record to find, it can´t have sold many copies when it was released back in 1969. Eddie Gross seems to be the key player here since his name is on the label no less than five times, writing, singing, arranging, publishing and even in the little slogan "If It´s Gross, It´s The Most". Great stuff, and I can´t understand why that, together with the wonderful horn arrangments, did not carry this record to greater heights. The Queen G setup most have been a minscule little operation (perhaps by Gross himself) because I only know of one or two other records on this San Diego label and they are very hard to get as well.


"It´s Not The Way You Walk"

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The Artistics - This Heart Of Mine- Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, November 18, 2010 19:03:10

The one that got away. Lead singer Marvin Smith was sure that this was the group´s big breakout record and it sold very well in the Chicago area when it was released in 1965. However, for some reason the track did not do as well outside of the Midwestern area and Smith together with members Lawrence Johnson, Jesse Bolian, Aaron Floyd & Curt Thomas moved to another Chicago label, Brunswick, the year after where they recorded extensively during the late 1960s.

"This Heart Of Mine"

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The Dynamic Tints - Package Of Love Pt. 1 - Twinight

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, September 29, 2010 23:17:15

Formed at the Hyde park YMCA in Chicago in 1966, The Dynamic Tints released their first, of three, 45s "Package Of Love" on the local label Twinight in 1969. Led by a Robert Brown this is a fine mellow crossover tune that unfortunately did little for the group to help them break out from local venues. Written by the Pieces Of Piece bassist Bernard Reed it is most likely that it is also them playing behind the group. Enjoy!

"Package Of Love Pt. 1"

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The Mid Knights - Somebody Somewhere Needs You - Warner Brothers

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, September 28, 2010 23:15:27

A song penned by Motown staff writers Frank Grodon and Frank Wilson and it has been recorded in fine versions by both Ike & Tina Turner as well as Darrell Banks. However, sometimes it is just small portions of records that really captures me, in this case it is the wonderful bridge just before the refrain with its blaring horns and furious stomp fromn this all white garage band that just slays me. Soul ? Maybe not. Northern soul? Most definately! Enjoy!

"Somebody Somewhere Needs You"

Ps For an excellent page on The Mid Knights, click here! Ds

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The Mad Lads - To Make This Young Lady Mine - Volt

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, September 27, 2010 22:20:59

A wonderful ballad from 1969 featuring John Gary Willams on lead vocals backed by Julius Green, William Brown and Robert Phillips. The group recorded quite a few 45s for the Volt label during the mid to late 1960s and early 70s, including several gems like this one and "I Don´t Want To Lose Yor Love". Enjoy!

"Make This Young Lady Mine"

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The Showstoppers- Heartbreaker - Beacon

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, September 15, 2010 22:08:50

Brothers Earl Smith andTimmie Smith and two of Solomon Burke´s sons Alec & Laddie Burke made up the Showstoppers who had a medium sixed hit in 1968 with "Ain´t Nothing But A Houseparty". Although that particualr single managed to get released on no less than four different labels ( Party Time, Showtime, Heritage and Guyden) it did not guarantee the group´s future success, in fact, they only released a few more singles in the U.S. after it. But it was on the other side of the Atlantic that the group´s record really broke, courtesy of the U.K.´s local youth clubs, mod and scooter scenes. That is also why another group toured the United Kingdom disguising as The Showstoppers to cash in on their success, leaving the original members none the wiser (or richer). they did get a chance to release a canned track from their Showtime sessions on the British Beacon label (today´s treat) but this did not get the same attention as their debut single and the group decided to call it quits. Enjoy!


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Barry White - All In The Run Of A Day - Bronco

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, September 15, 2010 21:54:42

Long before Barry White become the superstar and ladies man that he perhas is most known for to the general public, he was a struggling artist and songwriter on the west coast. Blessed with a deep and emotional voice, and also a songwriting genius he soon made some noise locally and was offered to both record, produce and write for himself as well as for other artists. This is one of White´s earliest tracks as a solo artist and it is very interesting to listen to and compare to the music which he made later on in the 1970s that took him to the top of the charts (and women). Enjoy!

"All In The Run Of A Day"

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The Players - Why Did I Lie - Minit

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, September 13, 2010 21:33:08

This is the group´s second 45 for the Minit label, it came out in June ´66 about six months after their wonderful Vietnam war inspired ballad "He´ll Be Back". The group conisted of Herbert Butler (lead) Johnny Carter, Verne Allison, Mickey McGill and Chuck Barksdale on their debut 45 but several members left before today´s treat was released; Carter, Allison and McGill disappeared and were replaced by Tommie Johnson, Joe Brackenridge and Otha Lee Givins respectively. This incarnation saw two more 45s out on Minit records the following year but saw little success with them. Enjoy!

"Why Did I Lie"

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June Conquest - What´s This I See - Curtom

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, September 02, 2010 23:25:10

Released in 1968 on Curtis Mayfield´s own label, this was only the second single to warrant a release on the now collectable Curtom label. Conquest had previously recorded on Fame and Jet Set, both southern labels, but had her first break with this Chicago production which was a big local hit. Later releases saw Conquest teaming up with Donny Hathaway (allegedely it was supposed to be Sam Cook´s brother LC Cook but he never showed up for the sessions) for a couple of duets for the label but none had the same impact as her debut 45. Enjoy!

"What´s This I See"

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The Fourcounts - A Home In Loveland - Lyndell

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, August 31, 2010 17:15:53

I rarely buy expensive records nowadays, there is simply too many good cheap ones to pick up first. However, when a long lasting "want" pops up and eventually sells for a fraction of its value, that certain itchy feeling comes back to me, must have mode! The condition of my copy of this late 1960s group track is less than stellar, but to be honest I don´t mind that much. just to be able to play it and hold it gives me a thrill, as I hope it will to you. I know very little about the The Fourcounts, but to my knowledge this is their only release. The Lyndell label seems to have been located mainly in Philadelphia and also released a now much sought after single by The Soul Brothers Six. Enjoy!

"A Home In Loveland"

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Toussaint McCall - I Would Rather Have All Of Nothing - Dore

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, June 22, 2010 17:26:41

Toussaint McCall released his first (of seven) 45s on the Ronn label in 1967. The song, "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" proved to be his biggest hit, and climbed all the way up to a number five position on the r&B chart. Released the same year, and similar in style is this wonderfully sung ballad although it did not far as well commercially as his Ronn waxing. Enjoy!

"I Would Rather Have All Of Nothing"

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Pauline Shivers - Won´t You Come Back Home - O-Pex

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, June 21, 2010 22:46:56

Such a great little midtempo gem. Little information to be found about Ms. Shivers on the net (or elsewhere), but she had several releases in the O-Pex label, sometimes with her surname spelt as Chivers. They should all be quite easy to get, so get those favourite searches on Ebay ready, enjoy!

"Won´t You Come Back Home"

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Lee Rogers - Sad Affair - D-Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 17, 2010 19:51:52

"Lee" Rogers Craton or "The Prince Of Detroit" met Mike Hanks, a pivotal figure on the Detroit music scene whilst, a member of the group The Peppermints. Hanks was then a budding piano player in and around the motor city, and when he founded his own labels, Mah´s and D-Town, he immediately signed Rogers. Some local hits followed, "I´m A Practical Guy", "I Want You To Have Everything" and "Go Go Girl" amongst others. Rogers left his native Detroit in the early 70s but continued to record in his new hometown San Francisco for the Loadstone label. He later found himself stepping back from the stage and becoming an promotions man instead for a number of companies, but it is as an artist he is most foundly remembered. Enjoy!

"Sad Affair"

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The Intertains - I Need Your Love - Uptown

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, June 16, 2010 21:14:52

The Intertains released four singles on the Philadelphia based Uptown records during 1965 and ´66. Their first 45, "I See The Light" made some noise locally, but after that Uptown seems to have removed their promotional resources from the group as the following three sunk a trace. This track is their third release and features "Glad I Found You" on the other side, which had previously been issued as an A-side. The lead singer, Larry Hancock, later recorded with S.O.U.L. on Musicor and cut the excellent "Top Of The World" and This Time Around" as well as with the group TRUTH on Devaki. Enjoy!

"Glad I Found You"

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Chris Bartley - Baby It´s Wonderful - Vando

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, June 04, 2010 19:46:40

Born in the late 1940s Chris Bartley grew up near the famous Apollo theatre in New York,which was to have a great deal of influence (obviously) on his career choice. He formed his first group, The Soulful Inspirations, at a very young age and this group later metamorphed into The Mindbenders which got an audition with Van McCoy. Although the group was dismissed, Van McCoy signed the lead singer, Chris Bartley, as a solo artist to his newly formed Vando records. Bartley´s first 45 for the label "The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven" came out in ´67 and was an instant hit. In fact, his first record was also his most succesful and he did not have any further releases that would be as commercially viable as "Sweetest..." However, Bartley cut another four singles for the label and even had a full album out. This is his second 45 for Vando records, released in 1967. Enjoy!

"Baby It´s Wonderful"

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The Supremes - Run Run Run - Motown

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, June 03, 2010 17:08:40

No need really to introduce these ladies, as they are problably known to most readers of this blog. What is interesting though is that The Supremes were not an instant success at Motown, in fact they were known as the "no-hit" Supremes for a long time at Hitsville HQ. This was all to be changed though since the release which followed this one, "Where Did Our Love Go" catapulted the ladies to superstardom in 1964. I quite like these early sounding Holland-Dozier-Holland tracks, with a simplistic approach to them, just listen to the piano in this one for instance. A perfect fusion between pop and RnB. Enjoy!

"Run Run Run"

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E. Rodney Jones - Peace Of Mind - Tuff

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, June 02, 2010 22:22:42

When a new format of radio was introduced in the early and mid-sixties, with stations that focused on playing RnB and soul music almost exclusively a new kind of star was also born, the radio DJ. These new celebrities could literalyy make or break a record by either getting behind it or not, and as such they were of immense importance to the promotion men and label owners of especially smaller companies. E. Rodney Jones was one of Chicago´s most popular and important radiojocks during soulmusic´s heyday and could ask for pretty much anything he wanted, the labels would agree if it ment having him on their side for the next release. Thus, he became not only a DJ but also an artist and songwriter, as well as concert arranger, where he got acts from various labels to perform at his events in exchange for airtime on his show. This is the second of his own two 45s for the TUFF label, released problably sometime during 1967. Enjoy!

"Peace Of Mind"

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Frank Butler - How I Feel About You - Space-Age

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, May 28, 2010 16:01:14

Bit of RnB influenced soul music to kick the weekend of. If yesterdays addition owed alot to both the 60s and 70s, thereby being a "crossover" record, this has be the same but at the other end of the scale. Set at a medium pace and with an arrangement similar to alot of the black music produced in the earlier 60s this release om the miniscule Space-Age label out of Chicago must have felt almost dated since I´m guessing this was released in ´64-´65 rather than ´61. The label did not bother adding any credits to the 45, not even for songwriting so they could not have hoped for this to set the top 40 charts alight. nonetheless, its a fine transitional piece, albeit on the other side of the era. Enjoy!

"How I Feel About You"

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Ron & The Embracers - You Came Into My Heart - Spectrum

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, May 27, 2010 16:18:56

Most likely a hispanic soul recording here. Why? Well, partly because the track is written by an Al Maldonado, partly because it is published on the Conata publishing company and partly because the other side is called "Latin Blood"! Anyway, a great crossover soul track that is typical for that hard to define area of soul music in the late 60s and early 70s. I have gone with this as a 60s recording ,because to these ears it just owes more to that era, but I may well be wrong. Apart from the fact that Spectrum records resided in Los Angeles California (which has traditionally had a large hispanic population), I know virtually nowt about the label or the group but I do seem to recall that a couple of Billy Sha-Rae´s releases were on a label with the same name.
I wonder if it is the same set-up? Enjoy!

"You Came Into My Heart"

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The Jive Five feat. Eugene Pitt - You´ll Fall In Love - Musicor

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 26, 2010 19:07:38

Going all the way back to the late 50s, Eugene Pitt has had five Jive guys singing behind him on a host of different labels, actually too many to mention. Of course, over the last 50 years the group´s members has changed more than once, but Pitt himself is still there. The group was signed to Musicor records out of NYC through their manager Otis Pollard in 1967. They released three singles during their two year stint with the label, or technically onlyfour different songs since the tracks on this 45 was re-released just four months later with Richard Fischer on lead instead of Pitt. The group continued to hop between labels well into the new millenia and Pitt is still active in the music business today, a true veteran. Enjoy!

"You´ll Fall In Love"

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The Visitors - My Love Is Ready And Waiting - Tangerine

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 24, 2010 18:41:08

The northern soul theme that Soultreats! had last week ended on a high with our season´s finale at Östgöta Nation, with some great great music being played by guest DJs Andreas Dienel and Magnus Rähms, thanks guys! To start this week off I´ve picked this wonderful crossover track from 1969, which in fact has a great northern track on the other side but that´ll have to wait for now...

This group is not the same as the one who recorded out of Chicago and had releases on the Bashie and Dakar labels. I´m not exactly sure where this incarnation of The Visitors came from but the record gives credits to J. Carmichael as arranger and Len Jewell as a writer and producer which suggest somewhere on the West Coast, possibly Los Angeles. The group consisted of Godoy Colbert, James Nelson, Esko Wallace, Robert Taylor and possibly a fifth member called Orlando (last name?). Only two records were released on Tangerine, this one in ´69 and the second, and final, in 1970. Neither did much for the group at the time of release, but has since risen in stature and are now cherished items by soul collectors all over the world. Enjoy!

"My Love Is Ready And Waiting"

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Billy Butler - Right Track - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Fri, May 21, 2010 18:23:03

The fifth and final installment in Soultreats! special northern Soul week, to celebrate our upcoming club night this Friday (21/5) with guest DJ Andreas Dienel.

Brother of famous Chicago singer Jerry Butler, Billy had a career of his own in music which saw some great music for the Okeh logo during the 60s. This track in particular has been a long standing favourite on the rare soul scene. Hope too see you tonight at Östgöta Nation for this season´s finale of Soulville! Enjoy!

"Right Track"

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Clifford Curry - Ain´t No Danger - Elf

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, May 20, 2010 19:06:32

The fourth installment in Soultreats! special northern Soul week, to celebrate our upcoming club night this Friday (21/5) with guest DJ Andreas Dienel.

Not to be confused with his namesakes that sang in The Notations or Sly, Slick & The Wicked, our Clifford Curry today hails from Knoxwille TN and has managed to sustain a career in music for almost fifty years. Beginning back in the 50s Curry was a member of a few doo-wop styled groups, The Five Pennies, Hollyhocks & The Contenders. He eventually branched out and got himself a recording deal as a solo act with Excello records which released two 45s on him in 1963-64. Curry´s biggest hit came a few years later in 1967 when his "She Shot A Hole In My Soul" came out on Elf records, the single did very well and nearly charted on the Top 40 chart. Today´s addition came out as a B-side to his 1968 single "I Can´t Get A Hold of Myself", also on the Elf label which released some nine singles on him. What is interesting to note is that Curry has long been a favourite artist on the "Beach" scene in the U.S., a similar phenomena to the Northern Soul scene in the U.K. but with a slightly different preference in music and they would in fact problably go for the other side on this one. But not I. Enjoy!

"Ain´t No Danger"

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The Parliaments - Don´t Be Sore At Me - Revilot

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 19, 2010 20:29:49

The third installment in Soultreats! special northern Soul week, to celebrate our upcoming club night this Friday (21/5) with guest DJ Andreas Dienel.

Long before computer commercials and Motherships, George Clinton was proving himself a creative man with his group The Parliaments, which evolved to Funkadelic in the late 1960s. Clinton had been involved with music since the mid 50s and together with Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon, Clarence Haskins and Raymond Davis he earned a recording contract with Detroit based Golden World records. The group only had one release on Golden World though, the great "Heart Trouble" before moving to Revilot records, also a Detroit label. This is there second out of five singles for the label, released in 1967 in captures the essence of uptempo motorcity music during the mid 60s perfectly and also demonstrates Clinton´s great songwriting and production skills. Enjoy!

"Don´t Be Sore At Me"

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The Sensations - Lonely World - Way-Out

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 19, 2010 16:10:25

The second installment in Soultreats! special northern Soul week, to celebrate our upcoming club night this Friday (21/5) with guest DJ Andreas Dienel.

Way-Out records was a local Cleveland Ohio label that released mainly soul recordings beteween 1964 and ´73. The label did not get any big hits but some of its releases got some local attention. The Sensations were problably not a Cleveland group but came there to record, and was in fact one of Way-Out´s most prolific artists. The group consisted of Roosevelt Simmons, John Washington, Joe Kelly and Chester Florence. The group is not to be confused with others by the same name (notably Yvonne Baker and The Sensations on Argo records), this incarnation only recorded for Way-Out and had one release on De-Lite as The Realistics. The Sensations had six releases on Way-Out between ´66-´69, most of them sank without a trace. this is problably their best seller, as the other side "Find Myself Another Girl" warnered some radio-play with is very motownesque beat and harmonies. I´ve opted for "Lonely World" today simply because its slightly more frantic approach, which suits this week´s theme. Enjoy!

"Lonely World"

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The Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 17, 2010 16:25:06

Since we have a club night this friday and have invited top Northern soul DJ Andreas Dienel to join us behind the decs down in the basement at Östgöta Nation I am hereby announcing this week as Soultreats!´ Northern Soul week, and have found the perfect record to begin with.

Several labels released record by outfits named the Citations during the 60s and it is hard to tell if they are one and the same or different set-ups since since the members are, as of yet, unknown. This particular track was released on the small Ballad label in 1967 and pressed at the Southern Plastics record plant, leaving me to believe that the label itself, and perhaps the group as well, must have been based in the southern parts of the U.S.

From its opening drumroll to its pounding and repetetive chorus, this track is a perfect way to start off Northern Soul week, it seems like this was almost tailor-made for the U.K.´s rare soul scene since the song´s title soon became a Northern Soul catchphrase. Enjoy!

"(To Win The Race) Keep The Faith"

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The Attractions - Destination You - Bell

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, May 06, 2010 11:07:11

Even though it was released on Bell, a New York label, this is a Los Angeles recording which Anthony Renfro, who was the founder of the Renfro label there, recorded and subsequently leased to Bell records to get more exposure (it did eventually gain a release on Renfro records as well but not until several years later). The membership of The Attractions is somewhat unclear because it was really a one-man show, focusing on lead singer Morris Chestnut. Other members were used on the recordings but often only to provide backing for Chestnut and enhance his performance. This is the groups first (of five) 45, released in 1967 and it is already clear that it is Chestnut´s rather unique vocals that seperates the group from the countless others that were trying to break through in the RnB market of the mid-60s. After Chestnut had fallen out with Renfro producer / songwriter Ronald Saunders the group disbanded and Chestnut went on to record with other groups as well as a solo artist, including the northern biggies "Lonely Lonely" with The Soundmasters and, of course, the pivotal "Too Darn Soulful" as a solo artist. Enjoy!

"Destination You"

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Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters - A Quiet Place - United Artists

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, May 06, 2010 10:42:49

Although Garnett Mimms was born in West Virginia he spent most of his childhood in Philadelhia where he got involved with music through different local gospel groups. After a stint in the military Mimms returned to the City of Brotherly Love and formed a doo-wop group called The Gainors in 1958. Even though The Gainors recorded frequently they failed to get a breakout hit and Mimms decided to leave to form a new group, The Enchanters in the early 60s. Mimms & The Enchanters went to New York to look for a fresh start and the group; Sam Bell, Charles Boyer & Zola Pearnell together with Mimms as their lead singer, got a recording contract with United Artists which released their first 45 ” Cry Baby” in 1963. That proved to be their biggest hit. Several great singles followed on the United Artists logo in ´63, ´64 and ´65 including thyis great 1964 offering, but none managed to repeat the success of their first recording. Mimms decided to go solo in 1965 to record for United Artists as well as its subsidary Veep and the Verve and GNP labels. Garnett Mimms came full circle when he after his late 1970s released his final recordings and went back to the church as a born again christian. Enjoy!

"A Quiet Place"

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Lewis Clark - I Need You Baby - Brent

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 05, 2010 09:53:36

Hailed by some as Tampa´s premier soul singer, Lewis Clark started singing at just seven years of age. His first tracks "Come With Me" / "If You Ever Leave Me" were cut by himself when he was just 17 and pressed in 200 copies which he sold to friends and family. After that Clark got a recording deal with the Tigertown label which released three singles on him, all in 1966. One of these, "I Need Your Lovin´ So Bad" has long been a cherished item on U.K.´s northern soul scene. After his stint with Tigertown, Clark moved to Brent records where he had his biggest hit with "Dog (Ain´t A Man´s Best Friend" in 1967 and it is the B-side to this release which we feature today. He had further releases on other small indie labels, Fuller, Ultimate & Red Ram records throughout the late 1960s and early 70s but the hits never materialised.
Seemingly a talented writer Lewis Clark wrote most of his own material, and by listening to his recordings, we can tell that he was an extraordinary singer. Sadly Lewis Clark suffered from a severe stroke in 1999 which he never fully recovered from. Enjoy!

"I Need You Baby"

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Rudy Mockabee - Cheer Up (Daddy´s Coming Home) - Atco

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, May 05, 2010 09:30:43

I originally bought this for the other side "Sweet Thing" which is a decent enough dancer, but as the years have gone by I have found myself playing this wonderful deep soul cut more & more. Rudy Mockabee is still going strong after some 40 years in the business. He started singing, like so many of his peers, in gospel groups at an early age and then moved on to secular music. After a short stint as a member of The Drifters, Mockabee had his first solo record, today´s addition, released in 1969. One more 45 followed the year after, also on Atco records called "Piece Of My Heart" / "Think About It". After that it seems like Mockabee´s recording days were over but he has continued performing to present day, especially in and around his native Huntsville Ala. area. Enjoy!

"Cheer Up (Daddy´s Coming Home)"

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Tim - I Need Your Love - Celtex

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, May 03, 2010 18:01:04

Simply called Tim on the label, my guess is that the artist here is the same T. Smith who is credited as a writer together with a V. Taplin on this track. Otherwise I´m drawing blank on this, the backing track is the same as Lee Shot William´s "Love Now Pay Later" on Gamma records and with the prominent guitar lick it skips along nicely. The record is produced by Teen Town productions, which I know did some TV-shows etc. in Detroit in mid 1960s, maybe this is the same set-up´s music branch? For all the questions there are few answers, at least from me, and we´ll have to settle for what´s in the grooves. Enjoy!

"I Need Your Love"

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The Sharpees - I´ve Got A Secret - One-Derful

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 20, 2010 20:06:31

The Sharpees were a st. Louis group who came in contact with Chicago label One-Derful through its A&R man Mack McKinney and St. Louis bandleader Benny Sharp. In 1964 the group, then consisting of Horise O´Toole, Herbert Reeves and Vernon Guy, signed with George Leaners One-Derful records and soon thereafter they went into the studio to cut their first single "Do The 45". Horise O´Toole had to leave the group because of health issues and was replaced by Stacy Johnson in 1965. The group recorded their material both in St. Louis as well as in Chicago and their first two releases "Do The 45" and "Tired Of Being Lonely" made some noise and had the group touring the chitlin circuit, singing at a number of famous venues like the Apollo in New York and the Regal in Chicago. This is the group´s third release for the label, not as commercially viable as the previous two but nontheless just as good. Released in 1966 it was the beginning of the end for The Sharpees, which came abruptly and tragically when lead singer Herbert Reeves was shot and killed in November 1972.

"I´ve Got A Secret"

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Virgil Murray´s Tomorrow´s Yesterday - I Still Care - Kool Kat

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, April 19, 2010 21:48:36

Not an easy band-name for an aspiring radio DJ to play around with, perhaps this is why this record sank without trace, twice on the same label and then again on Kool Kat just shortly after. Originally released on Tommy Wills´Indiana label Airtown the single sold next to nowt, and when Detroit based Kool Katrecords tried their luck with it this did not change, if anything, this release is problably even scarcer than the Airtown ones. Even though I personally love this type of frantic stomping soul with garage influences it is hard too see the market which it was aimed for at the time of its release in 1968. Problably the white college kids in the Michigan and Indiana states who loved a good toga party accompanied by a mix of soul and rock sounds. Actually the college circuit was quite profitable for smaller bands from the area to play and I guess that eventually the cross breeding of musical styles that took place on stage at these hedonistic events eventuallyhad to give birth to some records. Enjoy!

"I Still Care"

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Jean Wells - What Have I Got To Lose - Calla

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, April 18, 2010 18:07:26

Jean Wells was born in West Palm Beach in Florida, but cut her first two records for local Philadeplhia label Quaker Town in 1964. After a brief stint at ABC records the year after, which resulted in just one 45, she moved to Morris Levy´s Calla records in 1966 or 67 where she had the bulk of her material released. Over the next two years she released eight 45s and one LP ("Here Comes Jean Wells" ) on the Calla label but to little avail. Some of her records have since then been picked up by rare soul DJ´s and collectors alike and are now put in greater esteem then when they were first released. I´m yet to find a definitive discography of Wells´ output, most seem to either omit or include different records, but this is problably the same person that recorded for the Eastern and Sunshine labels as well. Enjoy!

"What Have I Got To Lose"

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Timothy Wilson - Just Another Guy (On A String) - Buddah

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, April 14, 2010 22:21:25

Timothy Andre Wilson was prior to going solo the lead singer with both The Serenaders who recorded on Riverside and V.I.P. records ,as well as with Tiny Tim & The Hits. His first solo record came out on Veep records in 1965 and after one more release that same year on the logo he moved to Buddah records, where his first record for the label "Please Baby Please" was released in ´67. This wonderful track is the last of his quartet of 45s for the Buddah label. Released in 1968, it is a wonderful crossover type record with swirling production and Wilson´s aching vocals. He later recorded for both the Blue Rock and Sky Disc labels, and saw some success on the rare soul scene with his 1972 outing on Sky Disc "I Must Love You".
Timothy Wilson stayed in the business and is still active today , singing lead with an incarnation of the legendary 1950s group The Teenagers.

"Just Another Guy On A String"

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The Tams- Shelter - ABC

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 13, 2010 21:32:28

The Tams only reached moderate success on the charts, but have been hugely popular on the "Beach" scene in the U.S. which, much like the northern soul scene in the U.K., thrives on the forgotten gems of yester-year. Made up by brothers Charles and Joseph Pope together with Horace Key, Robert Lee Smith and Albert Cottle (who replaced original member Floyd Ashton in ´65), the group had a string of nearly there but not quite (at least not chart-wise) records in the early and mid-sixties, "Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy", "Untie Me" "What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am) and "Hey Girl Don´t Bother Me" to name but a few. This track was released in 1966 and catches Joseph Pope´s powerful lead singing perfectly. Enjoy!


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Williams & Watson - Too Late - Okeh

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, April 07, 2010 20:43:17

Our 300th addition this, and what more fitting than to add the track that started it all?

Ten years ago, almost exactly, I bought a CD called "It´s Okeh Up North", I had been intrigued by this thing called Northern Soul for some time, and when I flicked through generic indie-pop releases of the day one CD saying "A collection of 24 classic Northern Soul monsters from the vaults of OKEH" suddenly appeared. Fast forward to my room at mom & dad´s and the CD was promptly played. Anticipation galore.
Although the music that boomed out of my speakers was enough for me to understand that this was something I had to investigate further, it was when track
# 15 on the CD, this track, suddenly jumped out of the stereo I really got hooked. I must have played track 15 at least twenty times in a row before I eventually switched the stereo off and laid down on my bed, exhausted. Since then I have heard lots and lots of soul music, but rarely have they touched me as this one. The first cut is the deepest as they say. Whether this is the first or the 100th time you hear this song, I sincerly hope that you will feel the same goosebumps I did ten years ago. Here is to another three hundred, keep on keeping on and enjoy!

"Too Late"

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Bull & The Matadors - If You Decide - Toddlin Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Wed, April 07, 2010 12:41:48

James "Bull" Parks, Milton Hardy and James Otis Love were a local Chicago act who signed to Ernie & Tony Leaner´s Toddlin Town label in 1968. The Leaner´s had just started this new venture after their previous labels in the One-Derful & Mar-V-Lus stable had gone out of business. The group enjoyed immediate success with their 1968 release "The Funky Judge" which was a top 40 hit nationally. Unfortunately their next couple of 45s did not do as well. Their recipe for success was tried again just five months later on their second release for Toddlin´Town "I Can´t Forget" which sank without a trace and this, their last release, was put out in the summer of ´69. Enjoy!

"If You Decide"

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The Carltons - I´m A Man - Argo

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, April 06, 2010 09:52:39

Lead singer Larry Bell together with Jimmy Diggs and Jerry Norris formed The Carltons who released three singles on the Chess subsidary Argo during 1964-65. Their first releases was very much in the popular Impressions vein, but on this their final record they seem to have found their own formula with a slightly different approach to the lead and the backup harmonies, a shame that they could not go on a discover it further. The Carltons hailed from Washington D.C. but somehow got connected to the Chicago label, most likely through Jimmy Diggs, who recorded as one of the Knight Brothers ( "Tempation About To Get Me") for Chess records during the mid 60s and who also was a native of the U.S. capital. Enjoy!

"I´m A Man"

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The Variations - Yesterday Is Gone - Bob-Joy

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, April 05, 2010 14:00:12

The state of Ohio was a real hotbed for independently cut soul music in 1960s, with lots and lots of small labels trying to capitalize on Motown´s success that was happening just north of the state. Bob Rice was just one of these budding entrepreneurs who set up his own label and recorded the local talent of the day. Often managed on a shoestring budget these indiependents could all but hope for their productions to be picked up by a bigger company and generate some much needed cash for the next release. It was not unusual that, as with this release, the label owner also served as the songwriter, arranger and producer etc. to keep costs at a minimum. The Variations was a local act out of Cleveland OH and had releases on POW and Amy before trying their luck with Bob-Joy records. This did actually get picked up by Okeh records was re-relased on that imprint, which leads me to believe that it sold reasonably well at least locally in the Ohio area when it came out in ´68. Several groups used the name Variations during the 60s but I don´t think that there is any connection between these guys and for instance the outfits that recorded for Right-On or Amour & Sal Soul. Enjoy!

"Yesterday Is Gone"

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Freddie Hughes - I Gotta Keep My Bluff In - Wand

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, April 04, 2010 13:02:10

Not to be confused with recording artist Fred Hughes, Freddie Hughes cut a couple of 45s and even an album back in the late 60s and early 70s. On the strength of his "Send My Baby Back" for the small Wee label, N.Y. based Wand records picked up the record and also Hughes´ contract and released three singles and one LP on him. This track was featured on two of his Wand 45s, coupled with "Natural Man" and " He´s No Good" respectively, his third single for Wand label was "Send My Baby Back" B/W " Where´s My Baby". Hughes subsequently had releases on both Brunswick and Janus records and is still active as a performer today. Visit his website; or for more information. Enjoy!

"I Gotta Keep My Bluff In"

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Eddie Hill - I Can Hear You Crying - Ge Ge

60s SoulPosted by Martin Sun, April 04, 2010 12:29:56

Thelma Gordy (Motown founder Berry Gordy´s sister) was also involved in the music business in Detroit during the 60s. Her main label was aptly named Thelma and had some great releases on it, but today we fetch our track from one of her smaller enterprises, the short-lived Ge Ge label. With only three releases on it, all in 1965, Ge Ge records disappeared before it had a chance to leave any real mark on the Motor City´s musical heritage. But, as with many others the records, these were later picked up by The U.K´s northern soul scene and played to great appreciation on the other side of the Atlantic. This is the second of the three releases on the label, a classic Detroit production through and through. Eddie Hill also recorded on other small local labels like M-S for which he cut the excellent "Nothing Sweeter (Than You Girl)". Enjoy!

"I Can Hear You Crying"

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Brendetta Davis - I Can´t Make It Without Him - Liberty

60s SoulPosted by Martin Tue, March 30, 2010 23:57:32

Famous rare soul DJ Richard Searling ( I have read) once defined Northern Soul as being "deep soul with a beat". If this is so, and the last addition to (Le Bleau Monde) fits the bill as Deep Soul (which I think it does) then this is surely Northern Soul, at least in Mr. Searling´s point of view. Whatever the genre, the track is excellent and Brendetta Davis turns out one hell of a performance on this track, which was one of the first that future soul-superstar Barry White contributed to. Released problably between ´66-68 on Liberty records from Los Angeles, this track has had a new lease on life as it was featured a couple of years ago on the great "Deep Soul Treasures" CD-series on the reissue label Kent. Enjoy!

"I Can´t Make It Without Him"

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Le Bleau Monde - If I Told You - Counterpart

60s SoulPosted by Martin Mon, March 29, 2010 22:16:03

Deep soul and then some!
Counterpart records was a small Cincinatti label that released mainly Rock n´ Roll and Garage records between 1966-72. Amongst these there are a few soul records tucked away as well and this must be one of the finest. Label owner and local radioman & record promoter Shad O´Shea gave this release the green light in ´66, making it one of the first releases on his newly started Counterpart company. A fine double header, as the other side is a classic 60s soul dancer which have had some plays on the northern soul scene recently, it seems that it was Le Bleau Monde´s only release on the Counterpart imprint. As for the artist some sources on the net suggest that it is in fact a group formerly known as The Nutrons from Cincinatti Ohio which had releases on labels like Federal, El-Dee and Fabar records. Hopefully someone who reads this can confirm. Enjoy!

"If I Told You"

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Dee Edwards - The Greatest Thing - D-Town

60s SoulPosted by Martin Thu, March 25, 2010 18:29:48

If ever a saxophone could burp, it was Mike Terry´s. Such a classic 1960s Detroit feel to everything about this record, from the the cooking rhythm, the aforementioned saxplaying and Mrs. Edwards distinct vocals. Dee, you´re the greatest thing! Enjoy!

"The Greatest Thing"

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